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Buyū Retsuden features eleven characters to choose from. These fighters are:

  • Goku: The main character of Dragon Ball Z and the leader of the Z Fighters.
  • Gohan: The son of Goku who, after becoming a Super Saiyan at an early age, also became a Z Fighter.
  • Piccolo: A rival and close friend of Goku's and the trainer of Gohan.
  • Vegeta: Enemy-turned-ally of Goku's and, like Goku, one of the few Saiyans left.
  • Trunks: The son of Vegeta and best friend of Gohan.
  • Cell: The final creation of Dr. Gero and the main villain of the Cell Saga.
  • Android 18: One of Dr. Gero's creations, an enemy-turned-ally of Goku's and the wife of Krillin.
  • Krillin: Goku's life-long friend and the husband of Android 18, credited as the strongest human on Earth.
  • Frieza: The main villain of the Frieza Saga who wishes to rule the galaxy.
  • Recoome: A member of the Ginyu Force and a follower of Frieza.
  • Captain Ginyu: The leader of the Ginyu Force and Frieza's right-hand man.