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Besides the original tutorial battle, training can give your character a level-up. It's best to use training as frequently as possible. You can raise your power, Ki, and HP. Each mini-game has levels as you get past other levels successfully. For example, if you complete Level 1 successfully, you go immediately to Level 2. As the numbers progress, the levels get harder.


DBZ Goku Hishoden Kami.png

Training with Kami is the original training. Kami's training is available before King Kai's, thus you should work on the mini-games given to you to build up Goku for battles of the first half of the game. Completing the mini-games successfully will give you a level-up in different areas. The area that gets leveled up depends on the mini-game you choose.


DBZ Goku Hishoden HP Training.png

The mini-game that gets your power up is just like blocking. Try to get the marker as close to the middle as possible within the time limit. Try completing the mini-game successfully at least 6 times to see a large improvement in your HP. If the marker goes off the bar, you have to start over again.


DBZ Goku Hishoden Ki Training.png

This mini-game raises your Ki. It's the same as dodging as you'd do in a regular battle. Press the button on Neutral dpad to coordinate with the arrows beside the Z. It can either be Up, Down, Left, or Right, so be ready.


This mini-game improves your power. If you complete this mini-game, your moves will noticeably do more damage. The game consists of a meter with different shades of blue. You have to mash A button as much and fast as you can to progress levels.

King Kai[edit]

DBZ Goku Hishoden King Kai.png

King Kai's training is the second and final set of mini-games available. King Kai's training focuses on specific moves that aren't available from the start. Two of the three mini-games are for advancements in the Kaio-Ken and Spirit Bombs. The last is SP Training, which may give you a chance to always be the first attacker.


DBZ Goku Hishoden Kaio-Ken Training.png

The Kaio-Ken is the most powerful power-up in the game. This training shouldn't be skipped. The mini-game involves pressing the corresponding button in a certain way, whether it be A button or B button. The higher the level, the more Kaio-Kens you get.

Spirit Bomb[edit]

DBZ Goku Hishoden Spirit Bomb Training.png

The Spirit Bomb is the most powerful move available in the game. It would be an extremely helpful asset to have it on your side. The mini-game gives you a target. With the target, you must shoot the boxes flying across the screen. If the box is too far away and not in a close range, Goku won't be able to shoot it.


The last training is SP Training. The lines on the bar move faster and you have a bigger chance of getting a first attack in. This can work to your advantage in tough battles. Just tap buttons A button and B button alternatively to catch bubbles.