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Frieza seemed to be the strongest force in the galaxy. The only thing he didn't have was eternal life. Frieza, along with his second-in-command, Captain Ginyu, goes on a quest to collect all seven Dragon Balls, which, when collected, would grant him eternal life. Frieza's ultimate goal throughout his story is to become the strongest being in the galaxy.


Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors[edit]

Portrait DBZSSW Frieza.png
LevelMove Name Commands Notes
All Grapple
B buttonSimply a grapple, it only works when you're close to your opponent
All Knock Away Attacks
A buttonHit back Ki Blasts from opponents (it depends on the size of the Ki Blast)
All Ki Shield
Hold A button or B buttonBlock any attacks, close or long-range (similar to knocking away, it doesn't work against stronger attacks)
All Power Up
R buttonPower up Ki for stronger attacks
All Rapid-Fire Ki
R button+Arcade-Modifier-Tap.pngB buttonQuick and small Ki Blasts that won't let your opponent get away. Although small, they do a lot of damage
All Light Ki Blast
Hold R button+A buttonQuick and small Ki Blasts that won't let your opponent get away. Although small, they do a lot of damage
All Strong Ki Blast
Hold R button+B buttonSame as the Light Ki Blast, just stronger. It also involves more Ki to work.
All Destructo Discs Blast
Hold R button+B buttonThrow an Destructo Discs individually that follow the opponent and like the others Discs, destroy every blast. To do this attack you must be below the opponent..
All Bomb Shield
A button+B buttonIn this attack, Frieza put his opponent in an energy ball and throw it down. A little moment later, the ball explode.
All Dodge/Rush
Arcade-Stick-Right.pngA quick sprint to get away from an attack or just get away to power up Ki
All Flying Rush
R button+Arcade-Stick-Right.pngSelf-explanatory, a counter-part to the Rush
All 100% Power
R button+A button+B buttonFrieza, with enough Ki power, powers up and gains temporary strength.
All Frieza Cutting Beam
R button+A button+B buttonFrieza's variation of the Kamehameha. It is a beam with a white color and purple that come from the ground and his up-edge appear at the opponent height and at a border of the screen, next, the attack go at the other border. The opponent can dodge the attack by going up. The beam hue like many of his other Ki attacks.
All Rocks Throwing
R button+A button+B buttonFrieza Throws four rocks at the opponent. To do this attack, you have to be below the opponent.
All Flaming Headbutt
R button+A button+B buttonFrieza homes in on the opponent with a flaming headbutt. To do this attack, you must have less than 100% ki and be above the opponent
All Death Ball
R button+A button+B buttonA move so powerful that it supposedly "destroys the planet". If the opponet touch the ball, he is projected up and receive damages. If the ball misses or the opponent dodges, the opponent has 45 seconds to kill Frieza before the planet is destroyed. Frieza wins if the opponent can't defeat him in 45 seconds. If Frieza switch with another character, the timer stop and disappear To do this attack, you must have 100% ki and be above the opponent

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2[edit]