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The Cell, Buu, and Frieza Sagas take place during Supersonic Warriors. The characters face the sagas in the order which it effects them, which is the order it takes place in the manga. For example, Goku's story starts out with the Cell Saga, starting with the android attacks, while Vegeta's story starts out with the Frieza Saga. Characters' stories also each have different plots depending on who they battle. An example of this is that Android 18 plays a big role in Krillin's story, and Krillin's story ends up with him marrying 18 and also having a child. However, Android 18's story ends when her and her brother, 17, defeat Goku in a battle and have some kind of respect for him afterward.

The characters involved in the game include:

  • Goku: The main character of the game, Goku also serves the role of making an appearance in every other characters' story. He battles all villains, from Buu to Cell to Frieza.
  • Gohan: The main character of the story next to his father, Goku. His story starts with Goku's death, and he becomes so angered that he becomes a Super Saiyan and defeats Dr. Gero.
  • Piccolo: A friend of Goku, Gohan, and Krillin, his story is basic and very similar to Goku's. He defeats numerous enemies and teams up with the main characters often.
  • Krillin: Krillin, the best friend of Goku, makes a role as another main hero in Supersonic Warriors. His story is strongly based around the Cell Saga, and also involves the start of his relationship with 18.
  • Vegeta: A big rival of Goku's, Vegeta's story has him defeating many main villains and also meeting his son from the future, Trunks. During the Buu Saga, he is possessed by Buu to defeat the heroes, but is only snapped back into his state after the battle.
  • Trunks: As the Trunks from the present is a little boy, the Trunks from the future is a grown and skilled Saiyan. He aids his father in battle and even saves Goku from dying of heart disease.
  • Ginyu: Faithful friend of Frieza (but seems more like a bodyguard), Ginyu's story starts with him doing some battles for Frieza. As the story progresses and the opponents get harder, Ginyu and Frieza start to work together some more to get their opponents out of the way, but Ginyu longs for the return of the Ginyu Force.
  • Frieza: One of the main villains of the game, Frieza's story has him taking on the heroes.
  • Dr. Gero: Not exactly a main villain in the game, Dr. Gero is the creator of Cell and Androids 16, 17, and 18. He's also the leader of the Red Ribbon Army and has a strong dislike for Goku, which is probably the deepest hatred out of all other villains in the game.
  • Android 18: Most of the time, 18's brother, Android 17, is following her around and "aiding" her in battle, though you don't actually get to fight as him. Her ultimate goal is to get to Goku and defeat him, her story starting off with killing Dr. Gero.
  • Cell: Another main villain of the game, Cell starts the Cell Games due to his confidence. According to the rules, if nobody is able to defeat him, he destroys the world. His story is rather short, but in it, he verses the heroes in their attempts to stop Cell.
  • Buu: The last main villain of the game, Buu is, at the beginning of his story, led by his creator. Towards the middle, he becomes very independent, defeating most of the heroes in his path.
  • Gotenks: When Trunks and Goten fused, Gotenks was the result. He's a little naive and confident, but powerful nonetheless. His story is probably the shortest.