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Once you have gotten the Great Krak Pot, you can do alchemy. Alchemy is combining two items into one, usually more powerful, item. In order to combine items, you need recipes, which you can get from rescuing slimes and various other places.

Number New Item Damage Item 1 Quantity Item 2 Quantity Recipe Location Notes
1 Iron Shield 1 Chest 2 Thousandweight 1 Iron Shields can take multiple hits, but do only 1 damage on impact.
2 Shuriken 20 Chest 2 Chimaera Wing 2
3 Fire Water 0 Bombshell 2 Pompom 4 Does not hit the enemy tank, but instead enters it and explodes, making a small fire.
4 Holy Water 18 Fire Water 1 Chimaera Wing 7 Has holy powers. (can counter a spooklear bomb)
5 Steel Broadsword 28 Girder 2 Iron Arrow 1
6 Iron Ball 26 Oaken Club 1 Thousandweight 3