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There are 20 different types of enemies in the game, called baddies or monsters. Each appears in different levels and has different abilities.


Platypunks are the most basic enemies in the game. They appear in most levels. They can attack you with a spinning attack, but it leaves them dizzy and vulnerable afterward.


Jailcats are another common enemy, who can lunge at you with their claws. They like catnip, and will chase you (not in a hostile way) if you're holding any.


Drackies are purple enemies that can walk or fly, and will try to bite you if they see you. They're usually found underground or at night.

Mischievous Mole[edit]

Aboveground, Mischievous Moles will walk around, and try to hit you with their shovels. When underground, they can tunnel under your feet, waiting for a chance to attack. They sometimes gather in large groups and try to surround you.


Bunicorns are bunnies with horns. They hop around until they see you, and then charge at you, horn first. But when you dodge their horn, their horn will get stuck in the wall making it easy to beat them.


Picksies pick up objects and throw them at you, including other enemies. They are very common around tomb of Tootinschleiman.


Hammerhoods walk around with a hammer, and if they see you, they'll swing. If you manage to hit them, they'll drop their hammers. Hammerless hammerhoods stand around crying, but if they notice you, they'll run around trying to punch you. They can be very annoying in groups.


Goodybags are one of the rarest enemies. When you attack them, they'll drop money. If you want to get them in your crew, you know you got to get 30 of them, but they are so rare! Just do this: Go to the backwoods and keep walking in and out of the entrance until you see a goodybag on the bunch of leaves between the 4 red trees. It will still not be easy to get them, because they are really fast. If you don't get them in a period of time, they will flee.


Mimics can imitate a chest, and then attack you when you go near. If you don't know whether a chest is real, Elasto Blast it just to be safe.


These enemies can use their spines to attack you. They also sometimes hide underground as fake flowers among real ones - look out for the flowers that sing. You can Elasto Blast them when they're underground.


Ghosts only appear at night and will try to steal items which you carry. It will just try to annoy you, but sometimes they are smart enough to fly away and land on a cart and just ride to Boingburg by themselves.


Imps can use magic to attack you. First, they'll stand still and hold up their tridents for about a second, charging up. However, they're not very good at it - sometimes they'll fail. If they do succeed, though, they'll chase you and try to blow you up. Sometimes when you dodge them they jump on the ground and they are the only ones who are burned. This skill they are using is called "Kamikaze". Famous from Dragon Quest 8 on the PS2.


Wyrtles are dragon-headed turtles. They are immune to Elasto Blasts. To defeat them, drop a Thousandweight nearby and they'll flip upside down, leaving them vulnerable. You can also use a Spindash, Master Blast, or Chimaera Wing. They attack by putting their heads and limbs in their shells and spinning, then bouncing around trying to hit you. Afterward, however, they'll be stunned and dizzy.

Living statue[edit]

Living statues walk around slowly. If they get near you, they'll try to jump on you. You can't lift them with a normal Elasto Blast, but a Master Blast will defeat them. If you want them in your crew, simply bring some chimaera wings with you when you face them.

Walking Corpse[edit]

Walking Corpses randomly appear from the ground. Don't kill them, just keep them from killing you - if you kill them, they just keep coming back. They drop 1 gold so it's useless to kill them. Simply carry them to a cart and throw them on it.

Dancing Flame[edit]

Dancing Flames can shoot fire at you from their mouths. They can be extinguished by simply Elasto Blasting them, or throwing them into water.


Jinksters can teleport, which allows them to sneak up on you. They can also shoot at you with their magic lollipops. Be fast; after they shot you they will teleport immediately so you don't have much time to dodge the fire.

Restless Armour[edit]

Restless Armours have a shield, so you can't attack them from the front. If you sneak up on them, though, you can make them drop their shields, leaving them defenseless. If you let them attack you, they'll charge at you with their swords. You can jump over or dodge the attack, then Elasto Blast them from the back.

Killing machine[edit]

When killing machines get hit, they will get irritated and move at high speeds and shoot you with lasers, so don't make them angry.


Golems are large robots. You can't launch them in the air with an Elasto Blast, so you have to use a Chimaera Wing to get them back to town. They take three hits to disable, which launches the Platypunk inside out. You can jump inside them and ride them, which is a vital technique in Flying Clawtress. The controls are the same as when controlling Rocket, except you can't jump - A is to exit - B is to punch, and Y is to clap your hands together, which is a short-range attack. When in a Golem, you can walk on spikes unharmed and use B to break boxes.