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There are various buildings and slimes (NPCs) in Boingburg. In the beginning, most of them are blocked off by iron balls, and the slimes have been kidnapped. To rescue a slime, you must find a blue chest in a level and Elasto Blast it. It will open and a slime will jump out. Take him/her back to town, and next time when you go to town s/he will be there. Also, when you have rescued as many slimes as labeled on a iron ball, they will be able to move it away, allowing you to access new areas.


Your house[edit]

You return to your house after finishing each level. It is the building in the back and to the left in the main square. Inside it are:


Bo is your sister. She can be found upstairs.

Big Daddy[edit]

Big Daddy is your father. He can be found downstairs.

Mama Mia[edit]

Mama Mia is your mother, and she can be found downstairs.

Mr. Hooly[edit]

Mr. Hooly is Hooly's father. He sits on a couch downstairs.

Mrs. Hooly[edit]

Mrs. Hooly is Hooly's mother. She can be found downstairs.


Hooly is your friend. He hangs around upstairs, with Bo.

The garage[edit]

The garage, designed to look like Ducktor Cid, lets you modify your tank and crew. There are four slimes inside:

Ducktor Cid[edit]

Ducktor Cid manages your ammo and crew. You can choose up to 30 pieces of ammunition to use in your tank, and up to 3 people in your crew. Each crew member has different abilities. You can also use baddies as crew members once you have a statue of him/her in the museum.


Slimechanic upgrades the Schleiman's maximum HP. Each upgrade costs a small amount of money and sometimes a few items.


Flantenna lets you play multiplayer tank battles with DS Multi-Card Play and DS Download Play.


Poxie doesn't do anything, and only talks about Mother Glooperior.

The shop[edit]

The shop, in the southwest corner of the main square, is run by Splodgy Dave. You can buy and sell goods here.

Splodgy Dave[edit]

Splodgy Dave runs the shop.


Blingaling sits at the table behind the counter.


Sliminator sits on a couch at the table behind the counter. He will sell you a canvas if you want.


Eggbard speaks in rhymes. He sits at the table behind the counter.


Clawdia sits at the table upstairs.


Soapia stands by the table upstairs.


Weeny sits at the table upstairs.

Lord Lard[edit]

Lord Lard stands by the table upstairs.


Frankenslime hovers by the table upstairs. He speaks with a lisp.

The church[edit]

You can save your game here by talking to Mother Glooperior.

Mother Glooperior[edit]

Mother Glooperior lets you save your game, called an adventure log.


Namby plays the piano.


Bunny jumps up and down on a stool.


Bubbilly sits on a stool.


Goopid sits on a stool.


Anjello sits on a stool.


Goolia sits on a stool.

Flabbot Flancisco[edit]

Flabbot Flancisco stands on the right side of the church.

Curate Rollo[edit]

Curate Rollo stands next to Flabbot Flancisco on the right side of the church. He offers to sell you Yggdrasil dew and leaves, which restore your health if you die.

Baron Blubba[edit]

Baron Blubba stands in the back of the church.