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For most of the game, use the following controls:

Button(s) Description
Neutral dpad Move.
A button + Neutral dpad Elasto Blast. Hold down A and then a direction on the D-Pad, then let go of A to shoot in that direction. This technique is used to attack enemies and toss objects up in the air for catching. You can hold three items at a time. If you hold the direction and A for three seconds, you'll charge up a more powerful Elasto Blast.
A button Jump.
Arcade-Modifier-Air.png A button Hover. If you hold it down, you'll hover longer, but you'll slowly float down.
B button Throw. You always throw the lowest object first if you're holding multiple items.
B button (during dialogue) Fast-forward.
R button Switch order of items. This moves the lowest object you're holding to the top.
X button Zoom in/out of the map.
Y button (while holding a Slime Knight) Slash with sword. Note that the Slime Knight will sometimes go to sleep, and will not slash when asleep.
Start button Pause. This allows you to access the pause menu.


When the game is paused, use the following controls to navigate through the menus:

Button(s) Description
Neutral dpad Move the cursor.
Neutral dpad (on map) Move around the map.
A button Enter Swag submenu/read letter.
B button Exit Swag submenu.
L button Switch menus.
R button Switch menus.
X button (on map) Zoom in/out.
Y button Unpause, leaving menu open. This is useful when collecting items or baddies, however you cannot see the map.
Start button Unpause.


When you're in a Golem, the controls are different:

Neutral dpad Move.
A button Eject. Use this to get out of the Golem.
B button Punch. This is your main attack in a Golem. You can use it to break the boxes marked with a platypunk image.
X button Zoom in/out of the map.
Y button Clap hands. This is a short-range attack.
Start button Pause.