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PlayStation 2 Nintendo 3DS Action
Neutral dpad Neutral cpad
  • Walk
  • Move Cursor (PlayStation 2 only)
Triangle button+Neutral dpad Neutral cpad
  • Run
Neutral lstick N/A
  • Run
  • Move Cursor
Neutral rstick Neutral dpad or Neutral cpadPro
  • Rotate view up/down/left/right
Cross button A button
  • Confirm
  • Action (Talk, lift, climb, open)
Circle button X button
  • Display main menu
  • Confirm
Triangle button B button
  • Cancel
Square button Map displayed on bottom screen
  • View map
  • Cancel
  • Close all windows
Select button X button + select Battle Records
  • Display battle records
Start button Y button
  • Confer with party
L1 button L button
  • Rotate view left
  • Move one tab left on menu screen
R1 button R button
  • Rotate view right
  • Move one tab right on menu screen
L2 button L button + R button
  • Align view behind party leader/Cancel
R2 button Hold L button and R button

A button, B button, X button, or Y button to go back

  • Toggle first-person view