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Dragon Scroll item book.png

There are eight magic books which must be collected and kept together in order to maintain the spell of sleep which has been cast over the Chaos dragon. Each book has a different name, and although those names are of no real consequence to the game, the books are often referred to by name when defeated enemies provide hints. Once you have collected a book, there is no way to determine the names of the books you have already collected, so it is a good idea to note the name of the books you have found upon receiving them. This will make it easier for you to determine which books are remaining in your search for all eight of them. Even if you find the location for the final battle of the game, you will not be permitted to enter unless you have collected all eight books and have the item that allows you to transform into a dragon.


Staff Fire Staff Bullet Staff
Dragon Scroll item staff.png
You begin the game with the regular staff. But it is no ordinary staff, as it can produce waves of damage force which you can fire upon enemy at a short range.
Dragon Scroll item staff fire.png
Although you may find the Fire Staff underground in Castor early on in the game, you will not be permitted to use it until you reach level 5. It fires a blast of flame which burns the ground where it lands, and does twice as much damage as the regular staff.
Dragon Scroll item staff bullet.png
The Bullet Staff is much more difficult to claim from Requi, the land of many lakes, but it is a powerful artifact. Although you will only be able to use it upon reaching level 8, it does three times as much damage as the regular staff.


Silver Ring Gold Ring
Dragon Scroll item ring silver.png
The Silver Ring is an extremely important item to collect early on in the game. It increases the speed at which Feram can move throughout the land. Without it, you will find it difficult to escape from danger, or cover the long distances between regions in a reasonable amount of time.
Dragon Scroll item ring gold.png
While you probably won't find the Gold Ring until later in the game when you are strong enough to explore Requi, it is nearly just as valuable as the Silver Ring. The Gold Ring will increase your defense, resulting in far less damage received from enemy attacks.

Magic Items[edit]

Magic items are items which you must select and activate with B button, provided you have sufficient magic points to use them.

Rain Bell Darkness Bell Resting Bell
Dragon Scroll item bell rain.png
MP cost: 10
The rain storm that is summoned by this bell is no ordinary rain storm, but a storm bless by Narume. It has the power to reveal hidden entrances and make invulnerable enemies vulnerable to your attack. Some enemies wearing metal may panic during the storm.
Dragon Scroll item bell dark.png
MP cost: 15
When rung, this bell has the ability to blanket an area in darkness. You will still be able to make out where you are going, but less intelligent beings will be confused and less effective in battle.
Dragon Scroll item bell rest.png
MP cost: 80
Although extremely expensive to use, ringing this bell causes time to stop and for enemies to freeze in their tracks. While time has stopped, enemies may be stuck in one place, but they can still harm you if you happen to run into them.
Yunke Fruit Necklace Cancellation Bell
Dragon Scroll item fuit.png
MP cost: 5
When thrown out with a magical incantation, these fruit can be used to discover lost or hidden items. Several times throughout the game, you will need to make use of these fruit to recover items necessary for victory.
Dragon Scroll item necklace.png
MP cost: 60
Almost as expensive to use as the Resting Bell, but far more useful. Donning the necklace grants you invincibility for a limited time. Although the extent of time is short for each use, it can be just long enough to get you through a difficult passage unharmed.
Dragon Scroll item bell cancel.png
MP cost: 0
The effect of the other bells can last quite a long time. Sometimes it may be longer than you would like. If you wish to prematurely end the effect of a recent bell ringing, ring the Bell of Cancellation at no additional magic point cost.

Inventory Items[edit]

Inventory items are items which, once collected, operate automatically with no activity required on your part.

Crystal Ball Liquid of Tongues Magic Key
Dragon Scroll item crystal.png
The crystal ball is a powerful artifact that gives you the ability to spy on the locations of the three thieves that got away with the magic books. While it shows you their current position in the world (as well as your own), it does not show the location of all eight books.
Dragon Scroll item liquid.png
In some regions of the world, the inhabitants do not speak your language. Until you acquire the Liquid of Tongues and poor some in your ear, you will be unable to understand them. Even when you do use the liquid, some people make speak in codes.
Dragon Scroll item key.png
This one simple key will allow you to get past all of the locked off doors that you find throughout the land in various dungeons and castles. Find it early on to enhance your search for other important items that are locked away in secret locations.
Reverse Grass Elm Branch Dragon Scale
Dragon Scroll item reverse grass.png
There are a few creatures whose projectiles contain a poison that clouds the mind. When infected, victims move in the opposite direction than intended. Chewing on blades of Reverse Grass is said to undo the effects of the poison.
Dragon Scroll item branch.png
While this branch is simply a branch and nothing more, it is a very good material for the manufacture of bridges across certain bodies of water. One must possess the branch, and use the Yunke Fruit to locate a suitable place for the establishment of a bridge.
Dragon Scroll item dragon scale.png
Although Feram is in fact the Gold dragon in the form of a human, it will take a special item for Feram to return to his true form and take the battle directly to the Chaos dragon. This special scale from the hide of a dragon must be in Feram's possession if he wishes to defeat the Chaos dragon.