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The map of the land[edit]

Dragon Scroll map label.png

The land which is governed by the god Narume is broken into 100 squares in a 10 × 10 grid, and divided into five regions. You begin the game in the Forest Kingdom of Dermos. From there, you can travel to the Desert Kingdom of Zarik, the Wastelands of Castor, or Requi, the region of many lakes. A fifth region, the Mountain Kingdom of Maten can only be reached through Requi. Travel between regions is achieved by locating the caves that serve as entrances to tunnels which connect the regions. They are indicated by the red lines on the map.

Each region contains different inhabitants, and they possess different levels of strength. The weakest inhabitants patrol the Forest Kingdom of Dermos while the strongest inhabitants occupy the Mountain Kingdom of Maten. Inhabitants of the remaining three regions lie in between those of Dermos and Maten. You must judge your own strength and ability to survive in each region, and take the time to reach higher levels of experience if you are finding it difficult to stay alive. If you die and continue, or if you enter a password, you will begin the game from the entrance to the region which you took to arrive there.

Progressing through the game[edit]

In order to progress through the game, you must obtain items which make it possible for you to locate more items. Ultimately, you must collect the eight magic books and the dragon scale in order to reach the final confrontation with the Chaos Dragon. In order to do that, you must employ several different methods to make items reveal themselves. The following is a list of possible methods.

Shoot statues
Items are often hidden inside of statues, and they can be revealed simply by shooting them. While they may reveal a treasure chest in the process, sometimes the contents of the chest is advice or a clue rather than an actual item.
Stand patiently between pairs of statues
In a few instances, you can make an item appear or other magical effects by standing between a pair of statues. You must be standing directly between them with your feet somewhere in the center, and wait approximately five seconds before the result will occur.
Use the Yunke Fruit
You can use the magic of the Yunke Fruit to reveal some hidden items. At five magic points per use, you must use the Yunke Fruit judiciously and not fire it in every conceivable location, but rather on suspect targets like statues or trees.
Use the Rain Bell
The thunderstorm created by the Rain Bell can sometimes have the effect of changing the area around you. While the effects are sometimes immediately visible, they can also be easily overlooked and may require an additional step to make the effect of the bell obvious.

Note that you can also obtain clues by "defeating" certain occupants of each region. By shooting certain enemies, they will give up hints and bits of the story that will help you piece together the events which have taken place since the books were stolen. Listen to them in order to take some of the guess work out of your search, although not every hint is incredibly valuable, or even accurate.

Regaining health[edit]

You have one health meter throughout the entire game. If it gets depleted, you will have to start over from the entrance to the region you died in. There are very few things that you can do to restore lost health, but it is good to know what they are so that you can attempt to thwart a premature death.

Leveling up
By far the most reliable of the three methods, but exceedingly difficult to count on when you need it, you will regain all lost health each time you level up. Additionally, certain levels will increase your health meter by one bar, allowing you to survive more hits.
Treasure chests
Dragon Scroll Dark Gambling House.png
There are a handful of treasure chests throughout the game which, by the will of Narume, will restore either your health or your magic. However, a majority of these chests restore magic, leaving only a pitiful few available to restore health. Since there is no magic that can restore your health, getting your magic restored will only leave you searching for another chest which may restore health.
Dark Gambling House
This is your only dependable means of restoring your health, although the chances that you will win are based on luck. Dark Gambling Houses are found in a few different dungeons in many regions and usually resemble the one depicted to the right. Upon finding one, if you accept the creature's wager, you must chose heads (the Konami symbol) or tails (the face, which is backwards from what you might expect). You must have the requisite number of magic points to play. If you lose, you sacrifice 10 to 50 magic points. If you win, you can choose between receiving a supply of magic points, or restoring your life. If you do not win, you can leave the dungeon and return to try again until your health is restored.

Quick walkthrough[edit]

What follows is a step-by-step list of tasks to complete that will allow you to complete the game. Since the game is open ended, you can accomplish these tasks in any number of orders, but the order presented here has been optimized for time and effort. The letters next to each region's name apply to the indicated location on that region's map (see the specific region page for more details).


Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

  1. Dermos Forest (A): Receive the Silver Ring from a cave.
  2. Dermos Forest (B): Collect the Crystal Ball from the southeast corner.
  3. Dermos Forest (C): Enter the cave behind the waterfall to collect the Yunke Fruit.
  4. Dermos Forest (D): Use the Yunke Fruit on a lone tree below the waterfall to collect the Rain Bell.
  5. Dermos Forest: Stand between the two statues in the northwest corner of Dermos to reach the tunnel that takes you to Zarik.
  6. Zarik Desert (A): Visit the tower in the northwest corner of the desert, and rescue the thief.
  7. Zarik Desert (B): Visit the circle of stones, use the Rain Bell, then use the Yunke Fruit to enter the Illusion Tower.
  8. Zarik Desert: Collect the Magic Key, Hades Bell, and the letter about the stolen book from the Illusion Tower.
  9. Zarik Desert (A): Return to the northwest tower, and rescue the thief once more to obtain a Magic Book (1).
  10. Dermos Forest (E): Return to Dermos Forest, and visit a set of tiles on the ground which resemble the start point. Use the Rain Bell here to make the Reverse Grass appear.
  11. Dermos Forest (F): Visit the cave below Dermos Castle to obtain a Magic Book (2).
  12. Dermos Forest (G): Visit Dermos Castle and defeat the boss to obtain another Magic Book (3).
  13. Castor Wasteland (A): Travel to the northeast corner of the wasteland to the region of statues. Obtain the Necklace and Elm Branch from the statues, and enter the nearby cave to collect the Flame Staff from inside.
  14. Castor Wasteland (B): Travel to the fortress in the northwest corner, collect the Dark Bell, and defeat the boss for a Magic Book (4).
  15. Requi Lakes (A): Visit the southwest corner of Requi to locate the Tongues Liquid so that you can understand the inhabitants.
  16. Requi Lakes (B): Visit the east temple to obtain the Bullet Staff.
  17. Requi Lakes (C): Visit the north cave to locate the Gold Ring.
  18. Requi Lakes (D): Visit the underground temple in the northeast, locate a Magic Book (5) on the way up, and defeat the boss for another Magic Book (6).
  19. Requi Lakes (E): Visit the west cave to find the Dragon Scale.
  20. Requi Lakes (F): Use the Yunke Fruit and the Elm Branch to create a bridge to the island in the northwest, and use the Rain Bell near the platform to obtain the Resting Bell.
  21. Maten Mountain (A): Climb the stairs to a cliff ledge to locate a Magic Book (7).
  22. Maten Mountain: Search the area for a runaway thief, and capture him in order to receive the final Magic Book (8).
  23. Maten Mountain (B): Enter Maten Castle at the top of the mountain and navigate to the top floor. Using the eight Magic Books and the Dragon Scale, transform into a Gold Dragon and attack the Chaos Dragon.