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The Dragon Lord commands an assorted rabble of hideous creatures, all of them evil and determined to stop you at any cost. Most species have weaker and stronger breeds, as you will see. When you fight a new enemy, study what it does and what sort of attack seems to work best.

The tables show the maximum HP damage you must inflict to defeat each monster, and how much Gold and Experience you will earn if you do. Their exact HP varies from monster to monster, and may be as low as 75% of the maximum health.


Dw slime.gif
NES Remix
HP 3 2
XP 1 1
Gold 1 2

The weakest enemy of Northern Alefgard. Your bread and butter to more gold and experience early on.

Dw redslime.gif
Red Slime
NES Remix
HP 4 3
XP 1 2
Gold 2 4

A cousin to the Slimes, but with a little more ferocity. Extra ferocity for a little extra gold.

Dw metalslime.gif
Metal Slime
NES Remix
HP 4 3
XP 115 775
Gold 6 6

A very rare enemy to find. They live further south near Hauksness. Extremely hard to hit due to their high agility and will cast HURT. A lucky critical hit subdues it in 1 hit.


Dw drakee.gif
NES Remix
HP 6 5
XP 2 3
Gold 3 6

A flying baby dragon common to the North. Take them on after you reach level 3.

Dw magidrakee.gif
NES Remix
HP 15 13
XP 5 12
Gold 12 20

The Magidrakee knows the Hurt spell and is quite dangerous. A real pest. Look for them west of Tantagel and near Kol and north of Rimuldar.

Dw drakeema.gif
NES Remix
HP 20 16
XP 11 20
Gold 20 25

Be prepared with magic when fighting Drakeemas. If your attack power isn't high enough, they may heal themselves. Look out for them in various caves.


Dw ghost.gif
NES Remix
HP 7 7
XP 3 4
Gold 5 8

From beyond the shadows comes this awful apparition. Even on high levels, it can be hard to hit because of its high agility. It's predominantly found north of Alefgard, and near Garinham.

Dw poltergeist.gif
NES Remix
HP 23 26
XP 8 15
Gold 18 19

A tough opponent found in caverns. Much more hitting power than the regular ghost.

Dw specter.gif
NES Remix
HP 36 48
XP 18 47
Gold 70 75

Supernatural. Sly. Strong. The Specter is not an easy ghost to bust. You'll fight them in Garinham's grave.


Dw magician.gif
NES Remix
HP 13 12
XP 4 8
Gold 12 16

At first his magic seems invincible. Do not try fighting them until you reach level 4 when your magic has increased and you can use HURT. He's found near Garinham, and Kol.

Dw warlock.gif
NES Remix
HP 30 28
XP 13 28
Gold 35 50

Known as Druins on the Game Boy Color.
Stopspell should be used immediately when he shows up. He will cast HURT and SLEEP. He's found near Rimuldar.

Dw wizard.gif
NES Remix
HP 65 65
XP 50 120
Gold 165 185

Known as Druin Lords on the Game Boy Color.
A bigger brother to the other magicians, the Wizard will truly test your skill in using magic. He will repeatedly use HURTMORE, SLEEP, and other spells. Attack directly. He's found near Hauksness, Cantlin, and in the Dragon Lord's Castle.


Dw scorpion.gif
NES Remix
HP 20 13
XP 6 16
Gold 16 25

If you can, put it to Sleep then attack. A stronger enemy that you will encounter early on, it's found north of Rimuldar and in the area around Kol.

Dw metalscorpion.gif
Metal Scorpion
NES Remix
HP 22 18
XP 14 31
Gold 40 48

Unless you're very strong, use Sleep. His HP is only slightly higher but his attack is much more powerful. It is found near Rimuldar.

Dw roguescorpion.gif
Rogue Scorpion
NES Remix
HP 50 40
XP 37 70
Gold 150 110

Most deadly of the three scorpions. Found north of Hauksness. Very high defense.


Dw druin.gif
NES Remix
HP 22 22
XP 7 14
Gold 16 21

Known as Eyeders on the Game Boy Color.
Another creature of the labyrinths, this weird enemy can be a challenge for those in the early game.

Dw druinlord.gif
NES Remix
HP 35 35
XP 20 58
Gold 85 95

Known as Eyeder Lords on the Game Boy Color.
Magic and strength both will it use against you. Another foe you'll encounter in Garinham's Grave.


Dw droll.gif
NES Remix
HP 25 43
XP 10 18
Gold 25 30

Be prepared to meet Drolls in dark passages. They are nothing special.

Dw drollmagi.gif
NES Remix
HP 38 44
XP 22 58
Gold 90 110

It is much stronger than it looks. Another foe you'll encounter in Garinham's Grave.


Dw skeleton.gif
NES Remix
HP 30 24
XP 11 25
Gold 30 42

Weakest of its family, the skeleton is still a powerful fighter. Strongest monster in northern Alefgard, often found near Kol and Rimuldar.

Dw wraithknight.gif
Wraith Knight
NES Remix
HP 46 40
XP 28 72
Gold 120 120

Luckily, by the time you meet the Wraith Knight you know a few spells. Very dangerous opponent. Will still try to heal. It's found near Hauksness and will heal itself if its health is low.

Dw wraith.gif
NES Remix
HP 36 39
XP 17 42
Gold 60 62

Don't let the bones fool you, the Wraith is an extraordinarily strong opponent. It does know HEAL, so silence it with STOPSPELL it if you can. Found south of Rimuldar.

Dw demonknight.gif
Demon Knight
NES Remix
HP 50 38
XP 37 90
Gold 150 148

Forget about using magic. He dodges a lot but he will go down. Keep swinging at him, he's a tough opponent found near Hauksness.


Dw wolf.gif
NES Remix
HP 34 33
XP 16 40
Gold 50 60

Strong and persistent, wolves are a dangerous foe. They are teeming near Rimuldar. Have good armor before fighting. They're vulnerable to Sleep.

Dw wolflord.gif
NES Remix
HP 38 37
XP 20 52
Gold 80 80

STOPSPELL is this fiend's favorite attack. When your defense is high enough they will waste attacks trying to cast it. On lower levels, though, its hitting power is scary. Found south of Rimuldar and north of Hauksness.

Dw werewolf.gif
NES Remix
HP 60 70
XP 40 120
Gold 155 185

A mighty fighter and the strongest wolf. It rarely sleeps from your magic, this tough opponent is found near Cantlin and the Dragon Lord's lair.


Dw goldman.gif
NES Remix
HP 50 110
XP 6 6
Gold 200 650

A magical construct sculpted from gold, the Goldman is a fairly tough creature. After getting an Iron Shield, fight these foes to acquire a fortune. Found north of Hauksness and south of Rimuldar.

Dw golem.gif
NES Remix
HP 70 153
XP 5 2500
Gold 10 10

The Golem has a weakness for beautiful music from the Fairy Flute. It guards the Castle Town of Cantlin.

Dw stoneman.gif
NES Remix
HP 160 135
XP 65 155
Gold 140 148

Solid as a rock, Stoneman is no pushover. This powerful foe is a guardian of the Dragonlord's castle.


Dw wyvern.gif
NES Remix
HP 42 37
XP 24 64
Gold 100 105

A small, flying dragon found in many places. Found south of Rimuldar and near Hauksness. Often underestimated.

Dw magiwyvern.gif
NES Remix
HP 58 48
XP 34 83
Gold 140 135

A user of magic spells, the Magiwyvern can be a nightmare. Its SLEEP spell can wreck havoc. This foe makes its home near Cantlin and in the areas around Hauksness and Charlock Castle.

Dw starwyvern.gif
NES Remix
HP 65 74
XP 43 105
Gold 160 169

Even less predictable than a Magiwyvern, and stronger. It is the only non-dragon monster to breathe fire. Its HEALMORE spell can cause lots of trouble. It's found near Cantlin and within Charlock Castle.


Dw knight.gif
NES Remix
HP 55 47
XP 33 78
Gold 130 150

He is bad tempered and cruel. He can cast STOPSPELL to ensure you don't use spells. Put him to sleep and attack fiercely. This bad boy is found near Hauksness and Cantlin.

Dw axeknight.gif
Axe Knight
NES Remix
HP 70 67
XP 54 130
Gold 165 165

A brutal opponent armed with a sharp battle axe. Guardian of a special armor. His SLEEP spell can be very dangerous, so STOPSPELL must be used immediately. Later on, you can find them within Charlock Castle.

Dw armoredknight.gif
Armored Knight
NES Remix
HP 90 99
XP 70 172
Gold 140 152

On top of being the toughest non-dragon enemy, it can cast HEALMORE and HURTMORE. Found in the Dragonlord Castle's lowest depths.


Dw greendragon.gif
Green Dragon
NES Remix
HP 65 72
XP 45 135
Gold 160 160

The weakest of the dragons, and even it isn't easy. High hitting power and breathes fire. One is guarding a special prize in the Marsh Cave, others can be found near Cantlin and in Hauksness.

Dw bluedragon.gif
Blue Dragon
NES Remix
HP 70 98
XP 60 180
Gold 150 150

Even tougher than the Green Dragon, this dragon is a very strong opponent indeed.

Dw reddragon.gif
Red Dragon
NES Remix
HP 100 106
XP 100 350
Gold 140 143

Only the Dragonlord himself is stronger and more dangerous. Tremendous attack power. Can cast sleep, making them very dangerous, even at high levels. The fire breath of theirs causes tremendous damage.

Dragon Lord[edit]

Dw dlord1.gif
Dragon Lord I
NES Remix
HP 100 204
XP 0 0
Gold 0 0

His first form hides his true power. Will cast HURTMORE and STOPSPELL.

Dw dlord2.gif
Dragon Lord II
NES Remix
HP 130 361
XP 0 0
Gold 0 0

Once the Dragon Lord reveals his true form, the battle really begins. Both his attack and flame breath do tremendous damage.