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There are many valuable items available in shops throughout the world, while others can be found hidden in dungeons or Treasure Chests. Some items have magical properties, but they can be used only once, unlike spells. In many towns you will find weapons and armor to strengthen you.

Once you have purchased an item you may keep it and use it, or you may sell it back to a shopkeeper. Keep in mind, however, that if you sell an item, you will receive only a portion of what you paid for it new.

Not every character can wield every weapon or equip every armor. Some are made specially for just one player. Items available to be used by the Prince of Midenhall will have a M in the table. Items which can be used by the Prince of Cannock will have a C printed in the users column. And items that the Princess of Moonbrooke is capable of equipping will be listed with a P.

Offense & Defense[edit]

NES item names and attributes are listed in parentheses.


The Prince of Cannock can use three weapons that he could not in the original version, Loto's Sword, the Light Sword, and the cursed Demon Sword.

Name Users Atk Cost Description
Wooden Stick
(Bamboo Pole)
M C P +2 - The Princess of Moonbrooke starts with this weapon.
Club M C +8 60G The Prince of Cannock starts with this weapon.
Copper Sword M C +10 100G The King presents this weapon to the Prince of Midenhall as he begins his journey.
~~ Purchasable weapons ~~
Magic Knife M C P +12 200G -
Chain Sickle M C +15 330G
Iron Spear M C +20 770G -
Steel Sword
(Broad Sword)
M +30 1500G -
Wizard's Wand M C P +27
2500G When used from the "item" menu, it casts the Fireball spell.
Giant Hammer M +40
4000G -
Dragon Killer M +55
8000G When battling the Green Dragon, this sword will display unusual power.
Note: so far as one editor can tell, the Dragon Killer doesn't actually do anything special against Green Dragons in the NES version. However, it could be a just a slight boost in attack power that is negligible.
Light Sword M (C) +70
16000G Using it from the "item" menu while fighting casts the Surround spell.
The Prince of Cannock may only equip this in the remakes.
Falcon Sword M C +7
25000G It allows the wielder to strike twice in a single attack.
~~ Rare weapons ~~
Loto Sword
(Sword of Erdrick)
M (C) +40 - This is one of the items of Loto.
The Prince of Cannock may only equip this in the remakes.
Staff of Thunder (Bolt Wand) M C P +45
- When used from the "item" menu, it casts Infernos spell.
Thunder Sword M +95
- When used from the "item" menu, it casts Infernos spell.
Demon Sword
(Sword of Destruction)
M (C) +105
- The user of this sword brings upon himself a curse!
The Prince of Cannock may only equip this in the remakes.


Whenever purchasing new weapons or armor, remember to equip them.

Name Users Def. Cost Description
Clothes M C P +2 - Starting armor
~~ Purchasable armors ~~
Leather Armor M C +6 - -
Chain Mail M C +12 390
Evade Cloak
(Clothes Hiding)
M C P +35
1250G -
Steel Armor
(Full Plate Armor)
M +25 1000G -
Magic Armor M C +35
4300G Unlike in the first Dragon Warrior, it does not provide a healing benefit.
Fur Robe
(Mink Coat)
M C P +60
65000G -
~~ Rare armors ~~
Armor of Gaia M +47
- You can only find this with the help of the Golden Key.
Water Robe
(Water Flying Cloth)
M C P +65
- This offers a particularly strong defense against fire attack spell.
Loto Armor
(Armor of Erdrick)
M +75
- With this defense power, you will have nothing to fear in Rhone.
Gremlin's Armor M C +87
- Equipping yourself with it will cause you to be cursed!


Name Users Def. Cost Description
Leather Shield M C +4 90G -
Steel Shield M +10 2000G -
Shield of Strength M C +18 21500G When used from the "item" in battle, it casts the Healmore spell.
Loto Shield
(Shield of Erdrick)
M +30
- -
Evil Shield M +40
- If the Prince of Midenhall is equipped with this, he will be cursed!


Selling price is always 75% of purchasing price. This is how the cost of the Mysterious Hat was calculated (it can be sold for 15000G).

Name Users Def. Cost Description
Iron Helmet M +6 3150G -
Loto's Helmet
(Helmet of Erdrick)
M +20 N/A Trade for it in Shrine of Holy.
Mysterious Hat M C P +4
20000 This magical hat reduces the amount of MP used per spell cast.
Dropped by Magic Vampirus, Bazuzu and Hargon


Purchasable Items[edit]

Name Remix Name Cost Description
Medical Herb Herb 15G (10G) Allows you to restore some of your hit points.
Antidote Herb Antidote 8G Use as a remedy when poisoned by monsters.
Fairy Water Repellant 40G Use to ward off any foes less powerful than you.
Wing of the Wyvern Warp Wing 80G (25G) Use to return to where you saved the game last
Dragon's Bane Amulet 640G Equipped with this, many of the monsters' spells will have no effect on you.


Name Description Location
Silver Key The key to the Silver Doors will be very important to the success of the first half of your travels.
Golden Key Traveling without the key to the Golden Doors will be impossible.
Jailor's Key This is the master key for any prison door.
Watergate Key This is the key to the Watergate of Tuhn.


Take all five Crests to the Monolith of Holy, and you will be given the Charm of Rubiss.

Name Location
Star Crest
Moon Crest
Sun Crest
Water Crest
Life Crest

Key Items[edit]

Name Description
Mirror of Ra You will need this to free the Princess from Hargon's curse and transform her.
Cloak of Wind With this cloak, you can leap from a high building and float safely to a location far ahead.
Lost Treasure Trade this for the Echoing Flute, kept by a Merchant of Lianport.
Echoing Flute When playing the Flute where the Crests have been placed, you should hear an echo.
Magic Loom In the right hands, the Magic Loom can weave the Water Flying Cloth from Dew's Yarn.
Dew's Yarn This is an important element of the Water Flying Cloth.
Token of Erdrick Trading this for the Helmet of Erdrick can only be done at the Monolith of Alefgard.
Moon Fragment Fill the shoal of the Sea Cave with water for ship passage.
Eye of Malroth Use this to open the rocky mountains to the west of the Monolith south of Rhone.
Charm of Rubiss Using this will eliminate the illusions of Hargon's Castle

Other Items[edit]

Name Description
Lottery Ticket (Slot Token) You want to play the slot machines? Look for the lottery in certain towns.
Golden Card Show this card to shop keepers and they will give you a 25% discount off the items you purchase.
Wizard's Ring This will help you restore of your magic points. It is very fragile and therefore may break after using it several times.
Leaf of the World Tree This will be helpful in restoring life to the departed.
Gremlin's Tail It looks appealing, but it does no more than curse.
Dragon's Potion Occasionally dropped by Metal Babbles, you can save the game at any moment using this.

Remix Items[edit]

Name Description
STR Seed A seed which will permanently increase the strength of the party member who consumes it by a few points.
AGL Seed A seed which will permanently increase the agility of the party member who consumes it by a few points.
Life Acorn An acorn which, when eaten, will permanently increase the maximum hit points of one party member.
Mystic Nut A nut which, when eaten, will permanently increase the maximum magic points of one party member.
World Map Allows you to view a map of the world, along with your position in it.