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A strong arm and quick thinking alone are not enough to achieve your goal of defeating Hargon. Since the beginning of time, Magic has been a force in this land, shaping its history and the beings who dwell here. As the Prince of Cannock and the Princess of Moonbrooke gain experience and reach particular levels, they will learn new spells that will help your party succeed in your perilous quests. Each time you cast a spell your Magic Points (MP) will be reduced by a set amount. The charts below show both how many MP a spell costs and at which level you learn it.

Illustration Spell MP Use Target Effect Cannock Moonbrooke
Healing spells
DQ2 Spell Heal.png Heal 3 Healing one ally The Heal spell will restore 25~42 of your health points. Use this spell wisely in combination with your Medical Herbs. L01
DQ2 Spell Healmore.png HealMore 5 Healing one ally This spell, stronger than the Heal spell, can restore 45~85 of your health points in battle, and 34~66 when traveling. Choose wisely between Heal and Healmore. L14 L01
DQ2 Spell Healall.png HealAll 8 Healing One ally This spell will use up your magic points much quicker, but it will also restore the maximum amount of health points possible. L15
DQ2 Spell Antidote.png Antidote 3 Healing One ally Each step you take after being poisoned by an enemy will gradually lower your health points. By using this spell, you can counteract the effects of the poison. This spell works just like an Antidote Herb. L06 L12
DQ2 Spell Revive.png Revive 15 Healing One ally This spell is most valuable as it can restore life to a departed companion. You would be wise to carry around a Leaf of the World Tree just in case. L25
Field spells
DQ2 Spell Repel.png Repel 2 Field All allies This spell will ward off all monsters with less health points than you and your companions for 127 steps. It has the same effect as Fairy Water. This will be very helpful as you sail the sea. L08
DQ2 Spell Return.png Return 6 Field All allies This spell can rescue you from many difficult situations. This spell makes it possible to return to the town or castle where you last saved the game. The ship also returns to a dock nearby. It cannot be used while fighting. L10
DQ2 Spell Outside.png Outside 6 Field All allies This spell can rescue you from many difficult situations. The Outside spell will immediately transport you from the depths of a cave, tower, monolith, etc. to the outside. It cannot be used while fighting. L12 L17
DQ2 Spell Stepguard.png StepGuard 4 Field All allies The Stepguard spell will protect you from barriers found in castles, towns and monoliths for 127 steps. Remember to use it before entering these places. L17 L21
DQ2 Spell Open.png Open 2 Field A door Once you learn this spell, you will never need another key, save the Watergate Key. L23
Support spells
DQ2 Spell Increase.png Increase 2 Support All allies The Increase spell will increase the defense power of you and your companions, and reduce the amount of damage you might receive. L20
Disabling spells
DQ2 Spell Sleep.png Sleep 2 Disable Enemy group The Sleep spell will put some groups of enemies to sleep. L02
DQ2 Spell Surround.png Surround 2 Disable Enemy group Surround creates illusions that cause your enemies to miss 25% of the time while in battle. It is a very effective tool against most enemies. L06
DQ2 Spell Stopspell.png StopSpell 3 Disable Enemy group Stopspell neutralizes the enemies' spells. However, it may often have no effect. L08
DQ2 Spell Defence.png DeFence 2 Disable Enemy group The Defense spell will diminish the defense powers of your enemies, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your attacks. L10
DQ2 Spell Chance.png Chance 15
(12 at sea)
Random Random This spell is highly unpredictable. Its effects are random, always a surprise. It may produce the same results as another spell, or may cause something terribly frightening. L25
Attack spells
DQ2 Spell Firebal.png FireBal 2 Attack One enemy The Fireball spell causes a single enemy 15~25 points of damage. There are also many enemies that can use this spell. L03
DQ2 Spell Infernos.png Infernos 4 Attack Enemy group The Infernos spell can inflict 16~33 damage points to each member of an enemy group. It is more powerful than the Fireball spell. L04
DQ2 Spell Firebane.png FireBane 4 Attack Enemy group The Firebane spell will leave you feeling lucky, after you've inflicted 50~65 points of damage to each enemy in the group. Deals 17~33 in the original NES version L18
DQ2 Spell Explodet.png Explodet 8 Attack All enemies The Explodet spell is the strongest attack spell available to the Princess. It is capable of inflicting 68~92 points of damage to each monster of an attacking group. Deals 55~68 damage in the original. L19
DQ2 Spell Defeat.png Defeat 4 Attack Enemy group The Defeat spell carries a powerful blow against a group of enemies, but has no effect against strong individual enemies. L23
DQ2 Spell Sacrifice.png Sacrifice 1 Attack All enemies The Sacrifice spell requires the ultimate sacrifice, the user's life. It will, however, destroy all enemies. L28