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Usable items[edit]

Selling price is 75% of purchasing price. If an item cannot purchased anywhere, the selling price divided by 0.75 is listed instead.

Life Stone can only be sold in Remakes.

Price Effect
Fairy Water Repellent Holy Water 20 Prevents weaker enemies from attacking you on the overworld.
Same effect as Repel.
Water Blaster - - 20 Found in Muor. Used to spray people.
Wing of Wyvern WarpWing Wing of Wyvern 25 Returns to most towns that you have previously visited.
Invisibility Herb Hide Herb Invisible Herb 300 Makes the party invisible for short time.
Silver Harp ShinyHarp Silver Harp 0 Found near Garin's hut. Attracts enemies.
Healing items
Leaf of the World Tree World Leaf Yggdrasil Leaf 4 Revives target.
Same effect as Revive.
Medical Herb Herb Medical Herb 8 Restores HP.
Antidote Herb Antidote Antidote Herb 10 Cures poison from target.
Same effect as Antidote.
Full Moon Herb MoonHerb Full Moon Herb 30 Cures numbness from target.
Same effect as NumbOff.
Support items
Stone of Life LifeStone Life Stone 800 Protects holder from instant death spells.
Will break after doing this.
Wizard's Ring Wizard DW3 ring.png Wizard Ring 2500 Restores user's MP.
Can be used multiple times,
but has a chance of breaking.
Sage's Stone Sage Stone Sage's Stone 0 Found in Zoma's Castle.
Casts the Healus spell when used in battle.
Can be used multiple times.
Disabling items
Spider's Web SpiderWeb Spider Web 35 Slows down enemies when used in battle.
Poison Moth Powder BugPowder Moth Powder 500 Confuses enemies when used in battle.

Permanent items[edit]

Location Effect
Book of Satori Zen DW3 book.png Zen Book Tower of Garuna Bring the Book to the Shrine of Dhama
to make a character eligible to become a Sage.
Lamp of Darkness Dark Lamp Darkness Lamp Tedanki Use the lamp to immediately change daytime into night.
- Magic Map Magic Map Cave of Enticement Shows a map of the world surface.
- Gold Pass Golden Pass Aliahan With the Pass you can play Pachisi unlimited.

Enix seeds[edit]

These items can be found in every role-playing game by Enix, and later in games by Square Enix, too.

Sell Effect
Luck Seed LUCKseed Luck Seed 45 Permanently increases Luck of user by 1-3.
Agility Seed AGLseed Agility Seed 60 Permanently increases Agility of user by 1-3.
- MysticNut Mystic Nut 60 Permanently increases Max MP of user by 2-3.
Vitality Seed VITseed Stamina Seed 90 Permanently increases Vitality of user by 1-3.
Intelligence Seed INTseed Wisdom Seed 120 Permanently increases Intelligence of user by 1-3.
Acorns of Life LifeAcorn Life Nut 150 Permanently increases Max HP of user by 1-5.
Strength Seed STRseed Strength Seed 180 Permanently increases Strength of user by 1-3.



Life Ring can only be sold in Remakes.

Accessory Sell Attr. Special Location
Shoes of Happiness 75 LUCK +50 Wearer gains experience every few steps. Win from Metal Babbles and Metal Wyvern.
Ring of Life 1800 VIT +25 Restores HP of wearer every few steps. Found on first floor of cave in lower world.
Meteorite Armband 0 AGI x2 -
Sacred Amulet 0 LUCK +30 Protects against Death spells.
Only the Hero can wear it.


Default sorting is by attribute bonus, then by selling price. The first name is from the GBC version, the second from the unoffical SNES translation.

The personality affects how attributes increase when the character gains a level. See the Personality page for more details.

Accessory Sell Attr. Special Personality Location
DW3 ring.png Ruby
Ruby ring
7350 AGI +0 - Vain (Agl+)
DW3 ring.png Flee
Flee ring
75 AGI +7 Cursed! Cowardly (Int+, Luck+)
DW3 ring.png Punk
Rockstar ring
510 AGI +10 - Solitary (Vit+)
DW3 ring.png Speed
Speed ring
2325 AGI +15 - Agile (Agl+)
Agl. scarf
Gale bandana
727 AGI +30 - Quick (Agl+)
DW3 ring.png Starry
Starry ring
0 AGI x2 Cannot be sold -
DW3 ring.png Str.
Strength ring
262 ATK +7 - Jock (Str+)
Angry tattoo
825 ATK +8 - Bully (Str+)
DW3 ring.png Hero
Hero ring
3375 ATK +15 Hero, Soldier, Cleric and Thief can wear it. Valiant (Str+)
Mohawk wig 45 DEF +3 - Silly (Agl+)
Garter belt
975 DEF +3 Female only Sexy (Agl+, Luck+)
DW3 rosary.png Rosary
Silver rosary
660 DEF +4 - Romantic (Int+)
Tube socks 1650 DEF +5 - -
Stone wig 150 DEF +15 Cursed! Stubborn (Vit+)
307 INT +0 - Helpless (Int+)
DW3 ring.png Love
Benevolent ring
495 INT +15 - Kindly (Int+)
Int. specs
Smart glasses
1275 INT +15 - Smart (Int+)
DW3 ring.png Goddess
Goddess ring
12750 INT +33 Restores wearer's MP every few steps -
Slime earrings
712 LUCK +0 - Lonesome (Int+, Luck+)
Bunny tail
Rabbit's foot
200 LUCK +8 - Happy (Luck+)
DW3 crown.png Tiara
Golden Tiara
3750 LUCK +13 Female only Ladylike (Luck+)
Gold beak
Golden beak
5775 LUCK +20 Male only Lucky (Luck+)
Sacred talisman
0 LUCK +30 Protects against Death spells.
Only the Hero can wear it.
Cannot be sold.
Lucky shoes 75 LUCK +50 Wearer gains experience every few steps. - Win from Metal Babbles and Metal Wyvern.
Hard heart
187 VIT +10 - Diligent (Vit+)
DW3 rosary.png Gold
Gold necklace
750 VIT +10 Male only. Buy for 2000, sell for 38% of that price. Lewd (Vit+)
Power belt 3375 VIT +15 - Tough (Vit+)
DW3 ring.png Life
Life ring
1800 VIT +25 Restores HP of wearer every few steps. -

Key Items[edit]


Key Location Notes
Thief Key Retrieve it from the top of the Tower of Najima. Opens red doors: DQ3 NES Red Door.png (NES) DW3 red door.png (GBC) DQ3 SNES Red Door.png (SNES)
Magic Key Retrieve it from the interior of the Pyramid. Opens black doors: DQ3 NES Black Door.png (NES) DW3 black door.png (GBC) DQ3 SNES Black Door.png (SNES)
Final Key Use the Vase of Drought at the Sunken Shrine,
and enter the shrine to obtain the key.
Opens jail doors: DQ3 NES Jail Door.png (NES) DW3 jail door.png (GBC) DQ3 SNES Jail Door.png (SNES)


Color Location
Blue Orb
Green Orb
Purple Orb
Red Orb
Yellow Orb
Silver Orb

Quest items[edit]

Name Location Effect
Dream Ruby DreamRuby Dream Ruby Cave West of Noaniels Return the Dream Ruby to the Elven Queen in order to obtain the Wake-up powder needed to awaken Noaniels.
Black Pepper Pepper Black Pepper Baharata The King of Portoga will reward you with a ship if you bring back this fabled spice.
Wake-Up Powder Wake Dust Wake-Up Powder Elven Village Wakes the villager in the town of Noaniels.
Echoing Flute EchoFlute Echo Flute Tower of Arp If you play the flute when in the presence of an Orb, you will hear an echo in response.
Locket of Love LuvMemory Lovely Memories Phantom Ship Breaks the curse on the Promontory of Olivia.
Magic Ball MagicBomb Magic Ball Reeve Allows you to blast a hole in the wall in the Cave of Enticement.
Mirror of Ra LarMirror Mirror of Ra Cave Southeast of Samanao It reflects the true nature of disguised creatures.
Royal Scroll Letter King's Letter King of Portoga Show scroll to Norud to open passage to the Eastern lands.
Sailor's Thigh Bone Bone Sailor's Bone Wizard in Greenlad When used, it provides your vertical and horizontal distance to the Phantom Ship.
Sphere of Light Light Orb Light Orb Dragon Queen This important item is capable of weakening the power of the ultimate darkness.
Staff of Change Change DW3 staff.png Change Staff The King of Samanao Will change the forms of your party members. Useful in the Elven Village. Trade to Old man in Greenlad.
Vase of Drought Dry Vase Thirsty Pitcher Eginbear Used to raise the Shrine in the Shoals.

World of Darkness[edit]

Item Location
Oricon Oricon Orichalcum
Stones of Sunlight Sun Stone Sun Stone
Staff of Rain Rain Staff Rain Staff
Fairy Flute PixyFlute Fairy Flute
- Pixy Map Fairy Map
Sacred Amulet Crest Sacred Talisman
Rainbow Drop Rainbow Drop Rainbow Drop