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Sages will learn both the Pilgrim's and Wizard's spells. The Hero has a handful of exclusive spells, but most are ones that either the Pilgrim or Wizard will learn (though the Hero often learns at a much higher level).

The level listed is the one that the character should learn it at, however there is a slight chance that they will not learn it on that level. If that occurs, they have a chance of learning it at the next level. Most of the time a character will learn the spell by one level after the one they are supposed to learn it at, but sometimes it can take longer. If you have to have the spell at the earliest possible time, save your game right before you level up, then reset if you don't get it.

Spell can be classified according to use in four groups:

  • Field: spells that can be used outside battle; probably the most useful ones;
  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Debuff: battle spells that target the enemies and limit them, but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that deal damage to the enemies.

Illustration Spell MP Use Target Effect Hero Priest Mage
DQ3 Spell Heal.png Heal 3 Field
One ally The most basic of all curative spells, it will restore around 30 Health Points. L04 L01
DQ3 Spell Healmore.png HealMore 5 Field
One ally Far more effective than Heal, Healmore will cure approximately 85 Health Points. L29 L14
DQ3 Spell Healall.png HealAll 7 Field
One ally When Healmore just won't cut it, use Healall to completely restore all lost Health Points. L33 L30
DQ3 Spell Healus.png HealUs 18 Field
All allies This high-level spell gives Pilgrims the ability to heal every member of the party, restoring around 50 points each. L34
DQ3 Spell Healusall.png HealUsAll 62 Field
All allies While healing is normally the expertise of Pilgrims, it is the Hero who learns to instantly cure the entire party, although it will drain the Hero's MP. L38
DQ3 Spell Antidote.png Antidote 3 Field
One ally If afflicted with Poison, a Pilgrim can cast Antidote to cure a party member that is suffering. L11
DQ3 Spell Numboff.png NumbOff 6 Field
One ally Unlike sleep, numbness (or paralysis) does not automatically end when the battle is over. Use this spell to restore an ally. L15
DQ3 Spell Vivify.png Vivify 10 Field
One ally Cast Vivify on a fallen comrade to attempt a 50% chance at bringing him/her back to life, albeit with little health. L35 L24
DQ3 Spell Revive.png Revive 20 Field
One ally Far more effective than Vivify, Revive is much more certain to bring a fallen ally back to life, and with full health. L38
DQ3 Spell Repel.png Repel 4 Field All allies Like sprinkling Fairy Water, the spell of Repel can keep weaker enemies at bay while you travel. L19
DQ3 Spell Outside.png Outside 8 Field All allies If a dungeon or tower has become too dangerous to travel, cast Outside to immediately warp to the entrance. L14 L09
DQ3 Spell Return.png Return 8 Field All allies Cast return to instantly warp your entire party to one of the many safe havens that you discover throughout your journey. L07 L12
DQ3 Spell X-Ray.png X-Ray 3 Field A chest Some monsters mimic treasure chests to ensnare unwitting explorers. Cast X-Ray to check if a chest is safe. L18
DQ3 Spell Stepguard.png StepGuard 2 Field All allies When you need to traverse over harmful terrain, cast Stepguard to protect your party from damage. L19
DQ3 Spell Day-Night.png Day-Night /
18 Field N/A If you need the time of day to change immediately, cast Day-Night to fast forward time. L25
DQ3 Spell Curseoff.png CurseOff 18 Field One ally Unlike natural status ailments, it is the Wizard who can aid an ally if he/she fall victim to cursed equipment. L30
DQ3 Spell Invisible.png Invisible 15 Field All allies This spell will render your party invisible, making you undetectable to friend and foe alike, just like the Invisibility Herb. L33
DQ3 Spell Open.png Open 0 Field A door If you're missing a key and need to open a lock, the spell of Open is free to cast, although it takes a while to learn. L35
DQ3 Spell Ironize.png Ironize 6 Support All allies A spell unique to the Hero, Ironize will turn your entire party into iron statues. They will take no damage, nor can they deal any. L12
DQ3 Spell Speedup.png SpeedUp 3 Support All allies Casting Speedup on your party will increase everyone's agility, making it possible for them to strike the enemy before the enemy gets a chance. L05
DQ3 Spell Awake.png Awake 3 Support One ally If a vital member of your party has been put to sleep in battle, use this spell to instantly awaken him/her. L16
DQ3 Spell Barrier.png Barrier 6 Support All allies Barrier is a spell that will protect the entire party against fire-based attacks, whether they are magical or natural in origin. L32
DQ3 Spell Upper.png Upper 3 Support One ally Cast Upper on one fellow party member to temporarily increase their defensive power for one battle. L04
DQ3 Spell Increase.png Increase 4 Support All allies Increase will raise the defensive power of your entire party for the duration of one battle. L10
DQ3 Spell Bikill.png Bikill /
6 Support One ally The spell of Bikill grants a member of your party twice their usual attack power for the duration of one battle. L21
DQ3 Spell Bounce.png Bounce 8 Support Caster Bounce will actually reflect the effect of any spell that is cast on the caster back at the opponent. L24
DQ3 Spell Bedragon.png BeDragon 24 Support Caster For the remainder of a fight, a Wizard can transform into a dragon who does nothing but use a powerful flaming breath attack every round. L34
DQ3 Spell Transform.png Transform 12 Support Caster The spell of Transform temporarily grants the caster all of the abilities of another party member for one battle. L37
DQ3 Spell Expel.png Expel 2 Debuff Enemy group The spell of Expel will attempt to banish some enemies from a fight. This is not the same as defeating them, so you won't get experience nor gold. L06 L02
DQ3 Spell Surround.png Surround 4 Debuff Enemy group Chanting Surround will cause illusions to appear around the enemies, causing them to attack thin air. L07
DQ3 Spell Sap.png Sap 3 Debuff One enemy Sap will weaken the defense of an enemy, making it possible to do more damage to it with every strike. L08
DQ3 Spell Sleep.png Sleep 3 Debuff Enemy group Casting this spell will attempt to put some enemies to sleep. If it works, enemies cannot attack or defend themselves, but they may awaken. L16 L09
DQ3 Spell Stopspell.png StopSpell 3 Debuff Enemy group Any enemy upon who the spell is successful will be unable to cast their own spells for the rest of the battle. L18 L13
DQ3 Spell Defense.png Defence 4 Debuff Enemy group The spell of Defense will attempt to weaken the defense of some enemies so that they are easier to damage. L18
DQ3 Spell Limbo.png Limbo /
7 Debuff One enemy Like Expel, Limbo seeks to remove an enemy monster from a fight. Unlike Expel, Limbo only works on one single enemy, but it has a much greater chance of succeeding. L20
DQ3 Spell Slow.png Slow 3 Debuff A group Cast Slow to decrease the rate at which some enemies can attack or defend themselves. L12
DQ3 Spell Robmagic.png RobMagic 0 Debuff One enemy If you're running low on MP, you can cast this spell in an attempt to steal some away from your opponents. L15
DQ3 Spell Chaos.png Chaos /
5 Debuff One enemy Enemies affected by Chaos are just as likely to attack their own companions as they are to attack your party. L27
DQ3 Spell Chance.png Chance 20 Debuff
Random When the chips are down and you have no other choice, you may very well give Chance a try. Its effects may just save the day… or it may cement your doom. L40
DQ3 Spell Zap.png Zap 8 Attack One enemy It takes some time, but the Hero will learn an attack spell unique to him. This one causes around 80 points of damage to a single enemy. L26
DQ3 Spell Lightning.png Lightning /
30 Attack All enemies The Hero will learn to strengthen the Zap spell, and cause a tremendous amount of damage to every enemy in battle, around 200 points. L41
DQ3 Spell Blaze.png Blaze 2 Attack One enemy Blaze creates a small fire which burns one enemy, causing around 10 points of damage. L02 L01
DQ3 Spell Blazemost.png BlazeMore 6 Attack One enemy This enhanced version of Blaze still only attacks one enemy, but it does substantially more damage at around 80 points. L17
DQ3 Spell Blazemore.png Blazemost 12 Attack One enemy This is the most powerful spell in the Blaze class of magic. It will incinerate a single enemy for around 180 points of damage. L36
DQ3 Spell Firebal.png FireBal 4 Attack Enemy group Chanting the Firebal spell causes a series of small fireballs to strike every enemy in one group for approximately 20 points of damage. L10 L07
DQ3 Spell Firebane.png FireBane 6 Attack Enemy group Firebane causes a much larger blast of flame to shoot out and burn every enemy in one group, causing around 35 points of damage. L23 L14
DQ3 Spell Firevolt.png FireVolt 12 Attack Enemy group Firevolt is the strongest form of Firebal magic, and it causes around 100 points of damage to every enemy in one group. L29
DQ3 Spell Boom.png Bang 5 Attack All enemies Bang creates a small explosion which strikes every enemy that you are in combat with, causing around 20 points of damage. L11
DQ3 Spell Bang.png Boom 9 Attack All enemies Boom is a much more powerful version of Bang which causes around 60 points of damage to every enemy. L31 L23
DQ3 Spell Explodet.png Explodet 12 Attack All enemies Explodet is the most powerful spell in its class, causing approximately 140 points of damage to every enemy in battle. L36
DQ3 Spell Icebolt.png IceBolt 3 Attack One enemy Fire burns, but a bolt of ice can do even more damage in many cases. This spell strikes one enemy for around 30 points of damage. L05
DQ3 Spell Snowblast.png Snowblast/
Blizzard /
3 Attack Enemy group At higher levels, wizards can learn to strike all of their opponents with ice, causing around 50 points of damage to each of them. L20
DQ3 Spell Snowstorm.png Snowstorm/
9 Attack All enemies A step up from Snowblast, Snowstorm pelts all of your opponents with an icy blast that causes approximately 70 points of damage. L26
DQ3 Spell Icespears.png IceSpears 9 Attack Enemy group Icespears is the most powerful form of cold magic which drops icicles on all of the enemies before you, causing around 100 points of damage. L36
DQ3 Spell Infernos.png Infernos /
4 Attack Enemy group Wizards aren't the only spell casters capable of causing damage. Pilgrims can cast Inferno to summon hot winds that cause around 15 points of damage to a group of enemies. L12
DQ3 Spell Infermore.png InferMore /
6 Attack Enemy group Infermore is a stronger version of Inferno, creating a blast of heat that inflicts 40 points of damage to a single group of enemies. L26
DQ3 Spell Infermost.png InferMost /
9 Attack Enemy group Infermost is the strongest form of the Inferno class of magic, summoning scorching winds that cause around 100 points of damage to a single group of enemies. L36
DQ3 Spell Beat.png Beat 7 Attack One enemy Pilgrims may attempt to stop the heart of a single enemy in the midst of battle with this spell, but the chances of success are low. L22
DQ3 Spell Defeat.png Defeat 11 Attack Enemy group Cast defeat on a large group of enemies in an attempt to instantly kill some of them. The stronger the enemy, the less chance this has of working. L28
DQ3 Spell Sacrifice.png Sacrifice 1 Attack All enemies A desperate attack spell that costs the ultimate price: the caster's own life. It will also take the life of your opponents. L41

All the effects of Chance have the same probability of occurring:

  • Heal is cast on one character
  • Healus is cast on party
  • Every attack by allies is a "tremendous blow"
  • Chanter gets two free attacks, then enemies and chanter alone for the next round
  • Enemies lose next turn
  • Steal MP from enemies
  • Allies faint and monsters flee; no experience or gold gained
  • Enemies flee, party gains gold but no experience
  • All magic is neutralized
  • Chaos is cast on all enemies and allies
  • Sleep is cast on all enemies and allies
  • Instant death to all enemies
  • The chanter's voice echoes throughout the area (no effect)
  • Party changes formation to random positions
  • Defeat is cast on party

Remake only-Spells[edit]

In the GBC/SNES versions of Dragon Warrior III, the Hero can learn some additional Spells. Dealer, Jester and Thief also now have spells.

The level listed is the one that the character should learn it at, however there is a slight chance that they will learn it one higher than normal. If you have to have the spell at the earliest possible time, save your game right before you level up, then reset if you don't get it.

Spell MP Use Target Effect Hero Dealer Jester Thief
Recall 0 Field N/A Memorize few conversation. L01
Remember 0 Field N/A Memorize more conversation. L08
Forget 0 Field N/A Forget conversation. L15
Retain /
0 Field N/A Memorize most conversation. L21
Dig Hole /
0 Field N/A Dig up the ground to find random items or money. L12
Shop Call /
15 Field N/A Call the last shop you visited while exploring. L17
Whistle 0 Field N/A Start a fight with monster. L13
EagleEye /
Hawk Eye
0 Field N/A Locate the closest dungeon/town/castle by telling you how many steps to take in specific directions. L08
Location 2 Field N/A Find out which floor you are on and which dungeon you are in. L10
/ Smell
0 Field N/A Check if there is treasure in this area. L12
TipToe 0 Field N/A Prevent random encounters. L17
Seek Out /
2 Field N/A Show hidden treasure on screen. L20