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Green text on this page indicates that it is exclusive to the GBC and SNES versions.
Monsters in Tantegel Area
DW3 map overworld Alefgard NW.png

After rescuing your world from the threat of Archfiend Baramos, you return home only to find that another threat looms larger from another world. Your investigation has lead you to the Great Pit of Giaga, which has grown in the aftermath of a recent earthquake. With little other recourse available to you, you jump into the pit. You land in a strange new world, one that may be unfamiliar to your characters, but one that may be hauntingly familiar to you, the player. You have returned to Alefgard, the land of Erdrick. Only this is a much earlier time, before the name of the Dragon Lord was even known to anyone. Instead, it is Lord Zoma who threatens this world with darkness and despair. He has forbidden daylight to shine on the land, and so the people who live there are doomed to perpetual night. Will you be able to save the people of this land, and in doing so, the people of your own home as well?

A rough landing[edit]

Arriving in Alefgard.

When you arrive in this new world, you land right outside of a house on a small island (labeled on the map above as Port Island.) Go left and search at the end for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Seed.png STRseed / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Seed.png Strength Seed. Step inside, and the occupant will greet you. He will explain that you've arrived in Alefgard, the world of darkness. Search the cupboard for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Seed.png LUCKseed / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Seed.png Luck Seed. When you step outside, you will be standing alongside a pier where a boat is docked for your convenience. The boy below explains that if you travel east, you will arrive at Tantegel. Hop in the boat, and head to the east to access the world beyond, but before that board the other Port north and search at the east end for a Dragon Warrior 3 TinyMedal.png TinyMedal / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Small Medal.png Small Medal.

Alefgard's past[edit]

Although you are encouraged to sail straight to the east and visit Tantegel (Ludatorm) first, you are free to sail around the world of Alefgard at your leisure. There are a few important things to note about Alefgard's history and the preconceptions that you may have about it, based on your knowledge of the future.

As you learned in Dragon Warrior II, Alefgard is but a smaller portion of a larger world. However, Lord Zoma has sealed Alefgard away from the rest of the world, and thus you are prevented from visiting anywhere else. The edges of the water around Alefgard come to an abrupt end, and you can't even sail from east to west, or north to south as you could in the world above.

A ship will still prove invaluable though, as the sea level in Alefgard's past is much higher than it will be in the Dragon Lord's time during the first Dragon Warrior. Many sections of land that you were able to traverse are currently sunken underwater. The village of Kol is entirely inaccessible without a ship, as are many other important destinations. Additionally, where some land has disappeared, other land has been created, and you will find the interior waters, along with the island on which Lord Zoma's castle is found, entire inaccessible by boat.

One final note worth mentioning: the people from your world continuously say how those who have fallen through the Great Pit of Giaga never return. While that certainly seems true of many people who you will encounter in Alefgard, you appear to be an exception. You will find that your attempts to cast Return, or use a Wing of Wyvern, will easily allow you to transfer not only back to the world that you originally came from, but also to destinations that you discover within Alefgard. So don't feel as though you've made a one way trip with no hopes of return.

Tantegel (Ludatorm)[edit]

You will only sail a very short distance before you reach land. Then you will have a small walk before you see a town in the distance. Although the entire place is referred to as Tantegel (Ludatorm), the town portion still retains the name of Brecconaly, which looks quite similar to Brecconaly of the future. Tantegel (Ludatorm) castle is still situated to Brecconaly's east, as it is in Dragon Warrior II, as opposed to the west like the first Dragon Warrior.

Town of Brecconaly (Ludatorm)[edit]

DW3 map town Brecconaly.png
Tool shop
Medical Herb
Antidote Herb
Fairy Water
Holy Water
Wing of Wyvern
Full Moon Herb
Invisibility Herb
Hide Herb
Invisible Herb
8G 10G 20G 25G 30G 300G
Equipment shop
Wizard's Wand
Power DW3 claw.png
Power Knuckle
Staff of Judgment
Dragon DW3 shield.png
Dragon Shield
Dragon Killer
Dragon DW3 sword.png
Falcon Sword
Silver DW3 shield.png
Silver Shield
Sacred Robe
Mythril DW3 helmet.png
Mythril Helmet
Dragon Mail
DragonDW3 armor.png
Angel's Robe
Angel DW3 dress.png
Inn Healing
80G/person Yes

When you arrive in town, a woman to the right of the equipment shop will inform you that Baramos is just an underling of Master Archfiend Zoma. The equipment shop won't have much that you haven't seen before, but it does sell the Falcon Sword or not, but Mythril Helmet and Silver Shield are great stuff although very expensive. This sword does little damage compared to many other weapons, but it does allow the wielder to strike twice in a single turn, potentially doing more damage than another weapon would in a single hit. Check the flowerbeet right of the Shop for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Seed.png MysticNut / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Seed.png Mystic Nut.

You will learn surprisingly little else in this town. A man standing in the upper right corner of town explains how the cave to the north has a bottomless fissure from which Zoma is said to have come. Search on the other side of the Wall right of this man for a Dragon Warrior 3 TinyMedal.png TinyMedal / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Small Medal.png Small Medal. Behind the locked door of the upper building, you will find a House of Healing. The stairs within take you up to a small appartment where you will find the same Kandar who gave you so much trouble in the past. In appreciation for your faith in him, he tells you that the Stones of Sunlight should be found in Tantegel Castle. Also check the pot for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Token.png Token / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Pachisi Ticket.png Pachisi Ticket.

Below the House of Healing, you will find a small boy who is learning to lift curses. As you may know from the first Dragon Warrior, he will succeed in that endeavor. Next to him is a flight of stairs which leads to a man who tells you of the legend about the Rainbow Bridge being formed when rain and sunlight are combined. Check both bookshelves for Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Book.png Lucky DW3 book.png / DQ3 SNES Book.png Lucky Book and Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Book.png Wimpy DW3 book.png / DQ3 SNES Book.png Wimpy Book. Continuing along the path to the right of town, a warrior will inform you that if you follow the path, you will reach the castle.

However, before you scurry along the path to the castle, you can make a detour and explore the region south of the castle first. If you do, you'll find a small building with stairs that lead to a woman who tells you about the Ring of Life. When a member of your party wears it, they heal one HP for every step taken. Check the right cupboard for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Seed.png LifeAcorn / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Seed.png Life Nut. When you're finished, exit the building and walk up to the castle.

Tantegel (Ludatorm) Castle[edit]

Find these three items.
DW3 map castle Tantegel.png

Before you open the gate to the Castle search the right side for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Token.png Token / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Pachisi Ticket.png Pachisi Ticket. After you pass the guards in the castle walk up and to the right, and back down to the man behind the counter. He prays for light to shine upon you. Just as in each previous game, this man restores all of your characters' magic points. A man wandering below the stairs to the throne room informs you that the castle across the water belongs to the Master Archfiend.

Dreaming of Sunlight.

One of the boys in the lower left corner reports how the Archfiend stole the treasures of the castle. Sure enough, the room above contain three treasure chests, but they are all empty. A guard in the upper right corner of the castle explains that the land was created by a spirit named Rubiss, and that the Archfiend has sealed her away. The guard in the lower right corner, below the Barrier tiles, explains that you need the three treasures, the Sword of Kings (King Sword), the Armor of Radience (Armor of Light), and the Shield of Heroes (Hero Shield), to stand a chance against Zoma.

Climb the stairs in the center to reach the throne room and meet King Raosu. His throne room is a bit larger than you may recall. The attendants have much to say, including an old man mentions that the Fairy Flute can be found in the village of Kol, and a guard mentions that Kol must be sailed to in the east. One woman claims to have cared for Ortega! Apparently he did not die after all, and survived the trip to Alefgard as well, however the chancellor says he has not returned from his attempt to defeat the Archfiend. King Raosu welcomes you warmly, and wishes you luck in your quest before performing the usual kingly duties of saving your game. Go behind the stairs and go outside and talk with the priest. He will give you the Pixy Map / Fairy Map. With Select button or R Button you can now view the world of Alefgard.

Go up the stairs west of the stairs to the King's room to reach the sleep room. Check both cupboards for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Token.png Token / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Pachisi Ticket.png Pachisi Ticket and Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Pants.png Boxer DW3 pants.png / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Sack.png Boxer Shorts. You may be wondering about the Stones of Sunlight, and Kandar's advise. Players who recall their location in the first Dragon Warrior may be tempted to explore their location in the original. As you walk above the castle kitchen (Check the barrel there for a Dragon Warrior 3 TinyMedal.png TinyMedal / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Small Medal.png Small Medal), you'll see a cat outside the castle. Check the flower just left of the cat for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Token.png Token / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Pachisi Ticket.png Pachisi Ticket. Walk around him and down the right side of the castle and the water below, and you'll reach a set of stairs leading down. However, the man who lives in the cell below claims not to possess the stones, but that he dreams of receiving them one day. Was Kandar lying to you? Read the spoiler below to find out.

The Alefgard wilderness[edit]

As you walk around the area near Brecconaly (Ludatorm), you will likely encounter a large number of Slimes. Both the Blue Slimes from the world above, and their mutation offshoots, the Red Slimes, occupy the land near town. While the red variety packs a tougher punch, it will hardly matter considering how high level your characters will be. As you venture further out, you are also likely to face Ghouls.

DW3 monster SNES Goopi.png

Another creature you are likely to encounter are the Goopis. Goopis only come in one variety, but one is enough. While many enemies like to summon more of their kind for assistance, none do it with the frequency that Goopis do. It's not uncommon for Goopis to summon twenty or thirty more Goopis during a single battle if you let them. But that isn't a terrible thing. Goopis are relatively weak creatures, and they provide a decent number of experience points. By allowing Goopis to summon multitudes of more Goopis, you can easily achieve experience point tallies in the several thousands by the time the battle is done.

However, in addition to summoning more Goopis, Goopis sometimes have a habit of summoning Granite Titans/Grand Titans, and Granite Titans/Grand Titans are another story. They have powerful attacks and tremendous amounts of health. Once a Granite Titan/Grand Titan shows up, you'll want to end the battle as quickly as possible. Goopis can only summon Granite Titans/Grand Titans if there is actually room for them on the screen. Each Granite Titan/Grand Titan is a little wider than two Goopis. This means there must be a gap wide enough for three Goopis to fit in order for a Granite Titan/Grand Titan to be summoned. There's no guarantee that they will be summoned, but it is a possibility to watch out for.


Beyond Garin's black wall.
80 Small Medals
You should have 80 medals by now, so go to Aliahan and grab the Dragon Claw.

You may be curious to find out more information from Tantegel's nearest neighboring town, Garinham. However, as you make the journey to the Northwest, all you will find is a humble abode. Inside, two parents are seated at a table. It seems that their son Garin has left home, and the father claims that he took the Silver Harp with him. Check the cupboards for a Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Helmet.png MohawkWig / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Sack.png Mohawk Wig and a Dragon Warrior 3 TinyMedal.png TinyMedal / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Small Medal.png Small Medal. However, much like the town of Garinham in the future, the back wall of this building is cloaked in darkness. And much like in the future, you can push against that back wall to find an opening which leads to a path that arrives at a set of stairs. Climb down those stairs, and you will find a room where the Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Sack.png Silver Harp (Dragon Warrior 3 GBC ShinyHarp.png ShinyHarp) has been stored away in a treasure chest (In the Remakes the ShinyHarp / Silver Harp isn't in the Chest but on the ground right of the Chest). This unique item has the same function as in the first Dragon Warrior, summoning a monster to battle you on the spot. However, in this game it is not a key item, and you may store it or throw it away as you please.

North Cave[edit]

DW3 map cave north F1.png
Monster in North Cave
DW3 map cave north B1.png

The last feature worth investigating in the nearby vicinity is the cave north of Tantegel (Ludatorm) that a man in Brecconaly (Ludatorm) told you about. It's a very simply cave, and it should probably come as little surprise that it shares much of the same architecture as it had in the original game (only this time, you don't need a torch.) There's one other important caveat to this cave: magic is sealed and will not work. That means no healing and probably more importantly, no casting Outside for a quick escape. You can bring along a few Medical Herbs in case of emergencies. Battles actually occur less frequently inside, but make sure that you are strong enough to handle them. They mostly consist of Troll Kings, Salamanders, Winged Demons/Wing Demons and Hydras. Fortunately for you, the Troll Kings' spell of Limbo will always fail. The first floor is relatively open, and your only goal is to make it from the entrance in the upper left corner to the stairs in the lower right corner.

The second floor is a tad more complicated, simply due to the fact that it forces you to walk all the way around the floor, from the lower right, to the lower left, then up to the upper left and across to the upper right. However, unlike the original game, there is an additional corridor along the top of the floor. Ultimately, you need to visit this corridor and walk to the stairs on the left side. Battles are a little more likely on this floor than they were on the previous floor, so be on guard.

DW3 map cave north B2.png
Claim the Shield of Heroes.

Once you reach the bottom floor, you can either unlock the door in the center of the wall, or simply walk through the crack. Beyond the wall, you will see a giant fissure in the floor. You can even attempt to jump into it. If you do, the ground will shake, and all of your party members will be ejected from the crack before landing back down on the floor. Of much more interest to you should be the five treasure chests scattered around the room. The chest on the left below the crack is actually a Mimic, but since magic is sealed, he is practically harmless and easy to defeat. Among the other three chests to the right of the crack, you will find 1976 gold and another Stone of Life (Dragon Warrior 3 TinyMedal.png TinyMedal / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Small Medal.png Small Medal). But the most important chest to examine is the chest above the crack. Inside, you will find the Shield of Heroes (Dragon Warrior 3 GBC Hero Shield.png Hero DW3 shield.png / Dragon Warrior 3 SNES Shield.png Hero Shield), one of the three treasure of Tantegel (Ludatorm). Give it to your Hero to equip, and then make your way back to the outdoors.