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There are currently four versions of Dragon Warrior III: NES, GBC, SNES, and Mobile. All four have different graphics, though the Mobile version used the SNES version as it's foundation. The ports have exclusive features. Various class, item, and enemy names differ between all four versions. The maps of buildings and dungeons vary in graphics and minor layout changes (e.g. how long a hallway is). All staircases, doorways, etc. are located in the same areas.

Differences from the NES version[edit]

These apply to all the Remakes

  • Graphic overhaul (all sprites are different)
  • 1-5 new music tracks (depending on whether you're playing the SNES/GBC version, or the Mobile version)
  • Thief class.
  • About 80 additional weapons and armor.
  • Bonus dungeon with eight new monsters and a boss (Sky World).
  • Personalities.
  • Medals, collectible currency to acquire unique equipment.
  • Pots, barrels, bookshelves, etc can now be searched.
  • Climb into wells.
  • Bag added which acts as a vault.
  • Names of characters and bag can be changed at Dharma Shrine.
  • New spells added for Merchants and Jesters.
  • Some monsters have their stats and drop changed.
  • Boss Troll is no longer a random encounter.
  • Second bonus dungeon for GBC with

SNES/GBC exclusive features[edit]

  • Pachisi board game.
  • Monster Animations
  • At least four music tracks not heard in the iOS or NES versions.

GBC exclusive features[edit]

Naming differences[edit]

Class differences
Fighter Fighter Fighter Martial Artist
Goof-Off Jester Jester Gadabout
Merchant Dealer Dealer Merchant
Pilgrim Cleric Cleric Priest
N/A Thief Thief Thief
Wizard Mage Mage Mage
Medal+Ticket differences
N/A TinyMedal Small Medal Mini Medal
N/A Token Pachisi Ticket N/A
Location differences
Tower of Najima Najimi Tower Najimi Tower Tower of Transcendence
Cave of Enticement Tempt Cave Cave of Temptation Path of Promise
Kanave Kazave Kazave Khoryv
Assaram Ashalam Ashalam Asham
Dhama Dharma Dharma Alltrades Abbey
Eginbear Edinbear Edinbear Edina
Soo Soo Sioux Persistence
Jipang Zipangu Zipangu Jipang
Samanao Samanao Samanosa Manoza
Tantegel Tantegel Ludatorm Tantegel
Hauksness Domdora Domdora Damdara
Cantlin Mercado Mercado Cantlin