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Dragon Warrior III is a far longer and more complicated game than either of its predecessors. As a result, there are a large number of objectives and quests that you must complete. Some must be completed in order, while others can be done at your leisure. This page will summarize all of the events that take place in the game, and in what page you may find out more information about them. Be forewarned that this page may contain spoilers, and should only be reviewed when you know what you are looking for, but do not know where to find it.

  • Begin your quest in Aliahan by meeting the king, and forming a party in Luisa's place.
  • Visit the next town Reeve to purchase stronger equipment.
  • Enter the Cave on the Promontory to enter the Tower of Najima.
  • Climb to the top of the tower to obtain the Thief's Key.
  • Use the Thief's Key in Reeve to obtain the Magic Ball.
  • Take the Magic Ball to the Cave of Enticement and use it to blast a hole in the wall.
  • Travel through the Cave of Enticement to reach the Travel Gate that leads to Romaly.
  • Visit the king of Romaly to learn about his stolen crown.
  • Travel north to the town of Kanave.
  • Visit the Tower of Shanpane, and track down Kandar the thief to reclaim the crown.
  • Return the crown to the king, be the king for a day, and return to adventuring.
  • Visit the sleeping town of Noaniels, north of Kanave.
  • Visit the Elf Village to learn about the sleeping town.
  • Explore the Cave of Dreams and locate the Dream Ruby.
  • Return the Dream Ruby to the Elven Queen, and get the Wake-up powder.
  • Use the Wake-up powder in Noaniels.
The Pyramid
  • Travel east of Romaly until you find the bazaar town of Assaram.
  • Travel west of Assaram into the desert until you reach the oasis
  • Visit the kingdom of Isis in the oasis to learn more about the pyramid.
  • Attempt to locate the Meteorite Armband in the Castle of Isis.
  • Explore the Pyramid and locate the Magic Key.
The Ship
  • Use the Magic Key to unlock the door in the shrine north of Romaly.
  • Use the shrine's tunnel to visit the kingdom of Portoga.
  • Agree to find Black Pepper, and obtain the scroll from the king.
  • Show the scroll to Norud the Dwarf in the cave east of Assaram, and find the secret exit.
  • Visit Baharata and learn of the recent kidnapping.
  • Defeat Kandar again and rescue the kidnapped victims from the cave north of Baharata.
  • Return to Baharata and obtain Black Pepper.
  • Bring Black Pepper to the King of Portoga, and obtain a ship that enables you to sail around the world.
  • Visit the shrine of Dhama north of Baharata.
  • Potentially change your class if your characters are above level 20.
  • Visit the Tower of Garuna in order to find the Book of Satori.
  • Use the Book of Satori to change any non-Jester or non-Hero class into a Sage.
The Final Key
  • Visit Tedanki, south of Portoga, especially at night.
  • Travel due south from Baharata in order to reach the town of Lancel.
  • Purchase the Invisibility Herb in Lancel, and then sail north of Portoga until you reach Eginbear.
  • Use the Invisibility Herb to sneak inside Eginbear.
  • Solve the boulder puzzle in the basement of Eginbear to obtain the Vase of Drought.
  • Use the Vase of Drought at the location of the Sunken Shrine in the middle of the ocean.
  • Enter the Sunken Shrine to obtain the Final Key.
  • Sail east of Baharata until you reach the town of Jipang.
  • Speak with the citizens there to learn about the terrible Orochi.
  • Enter Orochi's cave, and defeat it in battle.
  • Return to Japan, and confront the disguised Orochi.
  • Defeat Orochi once and for all and obtain the Purple Orb.
  • Optionally, visit the town of Muor north of Jipang.
  • Set sail to the "new continent" to the west of Eginbear.
  • Bring along a merchant that you can part with in order to start a new town on the east coast of the continent.
  • Travel up along the system of rivers in order to find the town of Soo.
  • Visit the Tower of Arp on the west coast in order to find the Echoing Flute.
Echoing Destinations
  • Return to Tednaki at night, and use the Final Key to open the prisoner's cell and obtain the Green Orb.
  • Visit the Pirate's Den along the southern tip of the continent south of Soo, and find the hidden Red Orb.
  • Return to Lancel, and use the Final Key to open the gates of the large shrine.
  • Send your Hero alone into the Navel of the Earth, and locate the Blue Orb.
The Staff of Change
  • Use the Travel Gates to enter the mountain locked region above the Pirate's Den.
  • Walk around to the kingdom of Samanao, where you learn about the tyrannical king.
  • Get thrown in jail, and escape through a tunnel, finding the real king along the way.
  • Explore the cave east of Samanao, and locate the Mirror of Ra.
  • Use the Mirror of Ra on the sleeping king to reveal his true form.
  • Defeat him and obtain the Staff of Change, as well as restoring peace to Samanao.
The Sword of Gaia
  • Optionally, use the Staff of Change to become Dwarfs and shop at the Elven Village.
  • Trade the Staff of Change with the wizard in Greenlad for the Sailor's Thigh Bone.
  • Use the Sailor's Thigh Bone to locate the Phantom Ship.
  • Explore the Phantom Ship to obtain the Locket of Love.
  • Sail around to Olivia's Promontory and use the Locket of Love when the curse blows your ship back.
  • Enter the shrine inside the channel, and obtain the Sword of Gaia.
  • Return to the New Town where you left your merchant, only to find that the citizens have revolted.
  • Speak with your merchant in prison to learn the location of the Yellow Orb.
Cave of Necrogond
  • Travel to the Volcano east of Isis, and throw the Sword of Gaia inside to cause an eruption.
  • Use the eruption to cross into the land below and walk to the entrance of the Cave of Necrogond.
  • Traverse through the entire cave to reach the exit on the other side of the mountains.
  • Visit the shrine near by to obtain the Silver Orb.
Castle Baramos
  • Take all six orbs to the frozen continent north of Noaniels.
  • Place each orb on an alter to awaken the phoenix Ramia.
  • Use Ramia to fly to otherwise unreachable destinations.
  • Fly Ramia to the Castle of Baramos, and navigate the maze of stairways until your reach Baramos.
  • Defeat Baramos in battle and restore peace to the world.
  • Return to Aliahan and speak with the king, only to learn of a much greater threat named Zoma.
  • An earthquake will occur, and if you visit the Great Pit of Giaga east of Castle Baramos, you will be able to fall into the pit.
The World of Darkness
  • Falling through the pit, you will land in the World of Darkness known as Alefgard.
  • Visit Brecconary Town and Tantegel Castle to learn about this world that is plunged in perpetual night.
  • Discover the hidden location of the Stones of Sunlight.
  • Optionally visit Garin's home to locate the Silver Harp.
  • Visit the cave north of Tantegel to locate the Shield of Heroes.
West and South Alefgard
  • Travel south along the west region to find the desert town of Hauksness.
  • Locate the Oricon that his hidden in the horses' pasture.
  • Travel further east to visit the fortress town of Cantlin.
  • Visit the Poison Marsh Shrine south of Cantlin to obtain the Staff of Rain.
  • Optionally visit the cave west of Tantegel.
East Alefgard
  • Travel east of Tantegel by boat to reach the town of Kol.
  • Explore Kol, and locate the hidden Fairy Flute.
  • Sell the Oricon to the item shop owner, and purchase the Sword of Kings from him.
  • Sail to the Tower of Rubiss west of Kol. Locate the Armor of Radiance in the tower.
  • Climb to the top floor, and use the Fairy Flute to free Rubiss from the statue. Obtain the Sacred Amulet.
  • Sail south of Kol to reach Rimuldar. Find the Ring of Life in the Inn.
  • Sail to the Holy Shrine on the island south of Rimuldar. Exchange the Stones of Sunlight, the Staff of Rain, and the Sacred Amulet for the Rainbow Drop.
Zoma's Castle
  • Return to the original world above if you have not yet obtained the Sphere of Light.
  • Use Ramia to fly to the castle of the Dragon Queen.
  • Speak with the queen before she dies to obtain the Sphere of Light.
  • Return to Alefgard and use the Rainbow Drop to form a bridge to Zoma's island, west of Rimuldar.
  • Enter Zoma's Castle. Find the secret staircase and travel down until you find Ortega.
  • Locate the Sage's Stone, and then visit Zoma's lair.
  • Defeat Zoma's three servants, and then battle Zoma himself to save the world.