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Various species of monsters inhabit the Mystic World. Monsters can be classified into nine different families, each with their own characteristics.

Try to understand a family's characteristics before taking one of its monsters on your journey.

Slime Family[edit]

Fast in speed and good with magic spells and special spells used to help out ally monsters in battles. Slime, Healer and SlimeNite are of this family.

Dragon Family[edit]

High in all parameters but slow-growing. They are strong against fire and blizzard attacks. Some Dragons are DragonKid and Pteranod.

Bird Family[edit]

Fast in speed and fast-growing, they are strong against thunder magic spells and special skills. Dracky, Wyvern and Blizzardy belong to this family.

Beast Family[edit]

Beasts tend to have high HPs and attack strength. Also, they are strong against magic spells and special skills that lower the monsters parameters. Anteater, PillowRat and GulpBeast are of this family.

Plant Family[edit]

High in MP and intelligence. Plants can grow up to high levels. HerbMan and CactiBall are members of this family.

Bug Family[edit]

Their attack and defence strengths can become very high. They are strong against poison attacks. Some Bugs are GiantSlug, Catapila and StagBug.

Demon Family[edit]

High in HP, attack strength and defence strength, they are strong against attack magic and special skills. Pixy, Gremlin and ArcDemon are Demons.

Zombie Family[edit]

Their HP is fairly high but other parameters are average. Zombies are weak against such things as paralysis. Hork, Spooky and Mummy are Zombies.

Material Family[edit]

High in defence strength and strong against fire and blizzard attacks. Goopi, JewelBag and RogueNite belong to this family.

Boss Family[edit]

These monsters are bosses from previous Dragon Warrior games. They are powerful and hard to obtain. Darkdrium, Dracolord, and Hargon are all members of this family.