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A Monster Adventure[edit]

One night, a monster named Warubou appeared out of nowhere at the home of Terry, our hero, and kidnapped Terry's sister, Milayou. A moment later, a monster named Watabou appeared out of the same nowhere and told Terry that if he wanted to rescue Milayou, he'd better follow him - fast! Terry was stunned by these rapid events, but in no time he joined Watabou and warped into the Kingdom of GreatTree. Little did Terry know what strange advanetures lay before him in his quest to rescue his sister Milayou. Find out for yourself what monsters and mayhem await the mysterious Kingdom of GreatTree.

The Kingdom Of GreatTree[edit]

At the beginning of the quest you are limited to where you can go. Depending on how your quest progresses, more places will gradually become open to you. The places in the Kingdom of GreatTree, which are each positioned in one part of the tree's trunk and branches, are:

  • Monster Farm - Right at the top of the tree.
  • King's Chamber - Directly below the Monster Farm and in the center of the trunk.
  • Chamber Of Travellers' Gates - To the left of the King's Chamber.
  • Arena - At the bottom of the upper half of the tree directly below the King's Chamber.
  • Library - A few floors below the Arena in the center of the tree.
  • Vault - Quite small and to the right of the Library.
  • Bazaar - Outside the trees trunk to the right of the Vault.
  • Shrine Of Starry Night - Next to the roots of the tree and a few florrs below the Library.


Terry is the hero of the game. His goal is to become the most powerful Monster Master and find his lost sister, Milayou! DWMterry.jpg Watabou is a mischievous, mystical creature who always appears out of nowhere! DWMwatabou.jpg