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Box artwork for Dream Shopper.
Box artwork for Dream Shopper.
Dream Shopper
Year released1982
System(s)Arcade, Sord M5
Japanese titleドリームショッパー
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Dream Shopper is an arcade game which was released by Sanritsu in 1982; it runs on Namco's Pac-Man hardware (a Zilog Z80, running at 3.072 MHz), but with a General Instrument AY-3-8910 running at 1.78975 MHz for audio. The player must use a four-way joystick to take control of a man who looks a little like Nintendo's Mario (the eponymous "Dream Shopper") - and at the start of the game the text "YOUR PRESSING GOAL IS 10000 POINTS" will appear on the screen. The screen will then cut to a shot of a room whose floor is comprised of 144 tiles as they flash up and give you a brief idea of what they all are; all except the 66th tile (which is the one with the apple) will then go black, and the Dream Shopper will have to walk around the room and use the "Reveal Button" to reveal the type of tile he is standing on. Yellow tiles are worth 50 points, green ones are worth 100, blue ones are worth 250 and red ones are worth 500 - and if the Dream Shopper should walk over that 66th tile (with the apple), all the remaining tiles will be revealed for a short period of time and he can walk over the strange-looking yellow creatures (which look like a distant precursor to the Pikachu from the Pokémon series) that are pursuing him for extra points. Once the apple has turned into a bunch of grapes all the remaining tiles will go black again; there's only one apple on each round. Not only must the Dream Shopper normally avoid contact with the yellow creatures, but he must also watch out for "holes" (which are indicated by the black tiles after he has walked over the 66th tile with the apple) - and if he reveals a bomb, he will only have a few seconds to vacate that blast radius (but you will receive extra points if one or more of the yellow creatures perish in that explosion). Also, if the Dream Shopper should reveal a frog, he will start to bounce around the room and you will receive extra points for every tile he reveals based upon his colour; once you have reached 10000 points, the Dream Shopper will have to make his way along a path comprised of copyright (©) symbols towards his girlfriend's castle, while again watching out for yellow creatures and collecting dropped items like shoes, necklaces, handbags and rings as he goes.