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Underground City[edit]

The Grubbers[edit]

Zoe has fallen into a cave. If you look around you will see two Grubbers fishing. Search for two pebbles nearby using the Focus Field and take them.

To get past the Grubbers, you have three alternatives:

Watch for the pattern of when they walk to and fro. You can sneak behind rocks and continue past when their backs are turned. Get past the first one and climb up onto the Temple entrance, then go down the steps on the other side when the second Grubber is fishing in the water.
Fight, using the frontal assault.
When the nearest Grubber is standing still by the water, stand to the lef tof the large rock and use the Focus Field to throw a pebble in the water (a Throw icon will be available). Run towards the Temple entrance and climb onto the platform whilst the Grubber is distracted. To distract the next Grubber, stand at the front-right of the platform and use the Focus Field again to throw the second pebble.

Take the glowing egg and continue to the ledge.


With the egg in hand continue towards the big waterwheel. Move down the stairs all the way up front to the wheel and look for a new, narrow set of stairs to your right. Head up these and you'll notice a broken ladder to the left. Then walk up to the machine to the right, with the small wheel on it, focus on the upper part and place the egg there. Then turn the smaller wheel to activate the power and get the big waterwheel moving again, snatch the egg back before you leave since you'll need it later.

Head back down to the lower level just by the wheel and focus at a point where you can grab a piece of it and go with it all the way up to the top as it turns. Move forward until you get a short cut scene, then jump the gap and continue to the high ladder, climb it.

You'll reach a small ledge with a cave. Follow the stream of water until you reach what appears to be a dead end in the end of the cave. This is where the egg comes into handy, it's light will soon reveal three glowing runes. When touched they will play a tune, if played correctly (Left, Middle, Left, Right) an opening will appear (if you return to the Temple, you can hear this four-note song is what the Grubbers sing to gain access to the Temple).