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Buddhist Monastary[edit]

There is little to do in this chapter other than getting used to the controls, and especially use of the Focus Field.

You start as Brian Westhouse in a Buddhist monastery cell in Tibet. The cut-scene shows him writing a journal for anybody that will follow him. A monk enters and asks you to follow him, and this is where you start controlling Brian.

Using the interface in the cell[edit]

  • Go to the bed and use the 'Eye' icon to examine it.
  • Using the Focus Field, rotate around the screen to examine all objects within from afar.
  • Access the journal using the Focus Field if you're not stood right next to it, and Brian will ask the monks to take care of it.
  • When you're familiar with moving around the cell, seeing what the different icons do and using the Focus Field, exit the cell and follow the Buddhist monk.

Main chamber[edit]

Plot bonus
When entering the main chamber, turn to your left and approach the two monks whispering to each other. You can use the Focus Field from afar to listen in to their conversation (use the 'Ear' icon). If you get too close they will stop whispering, so move further away and try again.

Follow the monk, looking at everything along the way, such as the Mani wheels on the wall, and the scrolls. When you get to the room with a circular podium, enter and look around. There are some monks whispering to each other. Step on the dais to access the next cut-scene.

The Storytime[edit]

Brian arrives in a desolate ice-covered land. Talk to the tattooed man - the Vagabond - to access the next cut-scene. The Undreaming has found Brian.