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Box artwork for Drift City.
Drift City
Publisher(s)NHN, Arario, Unalis
Year released2007
Japanese titleドリフトシティ
Genre(s)RPG, Racing
Latest versionFlag of the United States.svg 0.34b
Flag of Japan.svg 0.55d
Flag of the Republic of China.svg 0.10b
Flag of South Korea.svg0.981d
Flag of Hong Kong.svg0.10b
Flag of Thailand.svgUnknown
Flag of the European Union.svg0.51d
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Drift City (Skid Rush in the original Korean version) is a GT-style Racing MMORPG in which players play the role of drivers for the Organization of Mittron Development, or OMD for short. Driving takes place throughout an urbanized island, restricted only to streets, and is enhanced by the usage and need for the ability to drift around intersections.

The game's graphics take on a cell shaded style similar to Jet Set Radio. Music is available in game; players can change tracks, play their own MP3 music, or turn it off at any time. Much of the gameplay can be compared to that of Crazy Taxi or Grand Theft Auto III. Uncommon in MMO games, Drift City has a linear storyline that progresses through missions for the OMD government, available at the station the player is currently assigned to.

Physics in the game have been altered, making the game feel much faster and less prone to hazards than a racing game focused on realism. Players can smash through objects such as trees, fire hydrants, and street lights without breaking their cars. Since much of the game is within the streets of Drift City, traffic is always present. Thus, collisions with other cars have also been altered where the damaged vehicle will often go flying rather than stopping the player's car dead in its tracks.

The game appears under three different names, but all iterations have the same core content. The Korean version hosted by Hangame uses "Skid Rush" and all international versions including the GamesCampus and Arario versions take the name, "Drift City" except the Thai version hosted by VPlay, which is called "Drift Street."

On October 14, 2009, a European IP block went into effect for Ijji players as a result of contractual rights that now denied them from providing the game to the region.


Large supplies of Mittron, a newly discovered energy source, have been found on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This island has been named Mittron Island, and the OMD was formed to act as a governing body for the island. The OMD is trying to make Mittron a viable alternative to gasoline, but strange vehicles have showed up to disrupt this process. The director of the OMD called these vehicles High-Tech Unmanned Vehicles, or HUVs for short. In response, many drivers have been recruited to combat the HUVs and protect the citizens of Mittron Island.

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