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This guide is for anyone who wishes to get an account on the Japanese version of Drift City, published by Arario. Sadly the Korean version of the game, Skid Rush, is only available to Korean Citizens with a valid identification number.


Start by going to - you'll notice 4 orange squares in the middle. Click on the bottom left one with the white and blue text, and the three red arrows pointing to the right (if you hover your cursor over this link, the status bar will say "javascript:viewStartRegi();".

Step one of the registration will commence.

Step 1 - Email Registration[edit]

  1. On the step one page, enter your email address in both of the available boxes.
  2. Click on the big white and black rounded rectangle at the bottom that says "Step 2."

If you have trouble clicking the button, you can try using a different browser (Internet Explorer 7 works well) or double checking to see if you have javascript enabled.

Step 2 - Email Verification[edit]

After clicking the button, Arario will send you an email. You should receive the email within 24 hours, otherwise there might have been an error. You could attempt to send another email by starting the process over again, or attempt to contact (however, they may not have staff who know English). The email will be from, however it may end up in your junk folder.

Follow the link in the email to continue the verification process - it will expire within 24 hours so if you put it off, you'll have to restart the process. If you are unable to click it for some reason, you can try copy and pasting it into the URL bar of your browser. Also note that you can only use this link one time - you will have to re-register your email if something happens.

Step 3 - User Information[edit]

Authorization has now been completed, and you'll be presented a full page of input boxes to fill out separated into three parts.

Required Information (必須情報)[edit]

  1. ID: this is your user ID. It must be between 6 and 28 alphanumeric characters in length.
  2. パスワード (password): the second box down, this is where you enter your password.
  3. パスワードの確認 (password verification): re-enter your password here.
  4. 生年月日 (birthdate): the three boxes here (from left to right) are year, month, and day. Remember that for year you must put in 4 digits.
  5. 性別 (sex): Male (男) or Female (女) - click the corresponding radio button.
  6. ニュースレーター (newsletter): the first, default, button will be to accept receiving their newsletter. The second says no to receiving their newsletter; choose what you wish.

Additional Information (追加情報)[edit]

If you don't want to give any more information to Arario, you can skip this section.

  1. 住所 (address): your street address. The top two boxes separated by a hyphen are for your postal code (the second box is your extended code, you can look it up online). The two longer boxes are for your address.
  2. 職業 (occupation): the default here says "please enter your profession" (職業をご入力ください。). The choices are (in order underneath the default):
    1. Office worker/company employee (会社員).
    2. Part-time job position (パート・アルバイト職).
    3. Self-employed (自営).
    4. Housewife (主婦).
    5. Civil servant (公務員).
    6. Elementary school student (小学生).
    7. Middle school student (中学生).
    8. High school student (高校生).
    9. College students (junior college, including vocational school student) (大学生(短大、専門学校生を含む)).
    10. Unemployed (無職).
    11. Other (その他).
  3. 登録のきっかけ (registration trigger): where did you find out about the game/site, or what made you register? The default here says "Please choose" (選択してください。) and the options are:
    1. Professional magazine (専門雑誌の記事).
    2. Article game information site (ゲーム情報サイトの記事).
    3. Ad banner (広告バナー).
    4. Search site (検索サイト).
    5. Heard from a friend (友人から聞いて).
    6. UCC, such as watching video (UCCなどの動画を見て).
    7. Other (その他).


Simply check the box above the "Step 4" button (it says "Agree to the use of contract," 利用契約に同意する), then click that to continue.

Step 4 - Review your information[edit]

The next page simply shows you a "receipt" of what you've already submitted, click the button at the bottom to continue.

Step 5 - Registration Completion and Hardware Specification Review[edit]

Another email gets sent to you, this time it is confirmation that you completed registration. You user ID will appear here, as well as the first two characters of your password (the rest are bulleted out).

On the new page you'll see a big green box and a table below. They want you to review the specifications list at the bottom (translated here):

Specifications Minimum Requirements Recommended
CPU PENTIUM4 equivalent (1.8GHz) PENTIUM4 equivalent (2.4GHz)
RAM 256MB 1024MB or more
VRAM Geforce4 MX (64MB or more) Geforce FX 6000 (128MB or more)
HDD Space 1GB More than 1GB.
DirectX 9.0c Newest version.
Internet Connection Anything Greater than ADSL.

The game client is 391MB.

If you click the green button denoting that you've already installed the game, you'll be sent to the final step (7).

When ready, continue by clicking the black and white button at the bottom (like the other steps).

Step 6 - Client Download/Installation[edit]

On this page you'll see a jeep flying through the air and a big orange button. Click the button to begin the download of the 391MB client.


After finishing the download and pressing ok through the various warnings Windows may give you, you'll be first prompted by the EULA window. Click "Agree" in the bottom right.

Now you'll get to choose the destination folder - if you already have a version of Drift City installed, remember not to install it in the same place! Luckily the default is "C:\Program Files\Arario\Drift City" so you shouldn't have to worry. The installation is 413.5MB, and when you are ready to proceed click on "Install."

After the installation is complete, the box will disappear with no confirmation. Check your desktop for an icon.

Step 7 - Play![edit]

The icon!

An icon should have appeared on the desktop - double click it to begin!