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The auction house on 1F of the Driver Dome.

The Auction House allows users to buy and sell items and cars to and from other players. It is found in the Driver Dome between the Garage and Crew Center, and is identifiable by large silver or gold coloured coins marked with an 'M'.

Selling Items[edit]

To register an item to the Auction House, users drag items from their inventory to the "Auction" tab in the Inventory window. Users then choose the price he/she wishes to sell for and (for some items) the quantity of items to sell. The user then has 10% of their nominated price removed as tax and the item will appear in the auction house listing. The user has the option to cancel the sale at any time until the item sells. If an item is not sold after 7 days, it is removed from the auction listing and shows up in the selling user's auction window as expired. The user can choose to re-submit the item for auction, but they must re-pay listing tax.

When an item sells, if the user is online, they are sent a notification prompt and the item changes status to "sold", at which point the selling user removes the item from their "Auction" tab to redeem the mito from selling.

Restricted and Prohibited Items[edit]

Not all items are able to be sold in the Auction House, while others require special conditions to be met before they can be sold.

The only restricted-sale items currently are hyper parts. All parts level 60 and up require the purchase of a Parts Box (10,000 mito for 10) from the Drift Shop. The hyper part must be "enclosed" in the parts box before it is placed into auction. When the part is purchased, the purchaser receives only the part. If the seller revokes the part from auction, he/she receives the part and box back. If the part is equipped to a car, the box is forfeited.

Items which cannot be auctioned include:

  • All Crude Parts (Note that part components are auctionable)
  • Daily Mission Tokens
  • All Drift Shop Items
  • Channel Attack Coupons
  • Empty Parts Boxes

Buying Items[edit]

To view the list of items up for auction, users simply need to head into one of the six highlighted areas around the Auction House building in the Driver Dome. A window appears with the most recently auctioned items, with the options to search for and filter items by item name, seller's IGN, item type, level requirement (being able to specify minimum and/or maximum required level), and whether or not an item is usable.

In addition to searching and filters, users are able to order the listing in ascending or descending order alphabetically by part name or seller's IGN, the quantity on sale, price, and the total number of sales the seller has made.

To purchase an item, players PC Mouse Left Click.png click the item to highlight it and either press Enter or PC Mouse Left Click.png click the "Purchase" button. You must have sufficient mito on hand to purchase the item.

Car Auctions[edit]

Car auctions are a periodic event which allows users to sell vehicles directly between players. They appear separately from the item auction, but work in a similar way. Cars can be searched and ordered in the same ways as items, as well as being sortable by V-Class. To sell a car, users drag the "key" of their vehicle into the Auction tab, and set the price. The mechanics of buying cars is the same as items.

The only two major differences between car and item auctions are that:

  1. Users are taxed 10% of their sale price instead of the 5% tax on items.
  2. Cars purchased via the car auction house cannot be resold in auction.

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