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The controls are explained in the game.

  •  ↑ : Accelerate
  •  ↓ : Decelerate/Reverse
  • and : Steer left and right
  • Shift+ or : Drift
  • Ctrl+ ↑  while booster full: Boost
  • 1: Use item in Quick Item slot 1
  • 2: Use item in Quick Item slot 2
  • X held down: Rear view
  • C: Change view

There are also two specials that can only be used if you have a part that allows them:

  • Shift+ ↑  when stopped: Turbo Launch (Acts like boost, but doesn't use your booster.)
  • Shift+ ↓  when moving: Super Stop (Stops faster than  ↓  alone.)

City-Only Controls[edit]

These controls can only be used in the city or in the Driver Dome.

  • Esc: Brings up a menu that allows you to quit the game or change characters or servers. As of v0.13j, the help and options menu now appears as a part of this. If any on-screen button has an Esc label on it, that button will be pressed instead.
  • F1: Drift City Communication Center. Basically a combination of the walkie-talkie, crew manager and a mail system.
  • F2: User Information. Shows your license and current stats.
  • F3: Inventory. You can equip and unequip parts, drift items, and stickers, use some general items, and put items up for auction from this window.
  • F4: Drift Shop.
  • F5: Coupon Book. Replaces and improves the function of the Coupon Lady Suyeon. Instead of coupons being listed by their requirements, they are listed by their V class. The coupon book also shows a preview of each car with a coupon, the car's purchase price, and the car's stats.
  • F6: Ladder Ranking. Allows the player to view ladder rankings for individual cars, car classes, and each server, as well as the all time top and crew rankings.
  • F7: Mission Log. Allows the player to view the objectives for their current mission and which ones are completed as well as the rewards for completing it. An option is also available to abandon the mission.
  • F8: Gotcha Store. Allows the player to view the Gotcha store and purchase capsules to win exclusive cars.
  • F9: License. Allows the player to view the licenses they own and do not own, their requirements, amount of Mito paid for owning them and any bonus effects. The player can also equip owned licenses and view the amount of Mito they are currently being paid each month.
  • M: Opens the full-sized map.
  • +: Zooms the minimap in.
  • {{{1}}}: Zooms the minimap out.

Other Controls[edit]

  • Enter: When not chatting, allows the user to begin chatting. When chatting, allows the user to submit a line of text or stop chatting. If any on-screen button has an Enter label on it, that button will be pressed instead unless the chat box is currently open and active.
  • `: Opens and closes the chat box.
  • Space, Enter, Tab, and Esc when labeled on-screen: Same as clicking the button with the key as part of the button's label.
  • Z: Toggle emergency (hazard) lights on/off. Does not turn off automatically.
  • [ or Q: Turn On Left Turn Signal. Turns off after a set amount of time.
  • ] or E: Turn On Right Turn Signal. Turns off after a set amount of time.
  • l: Toggle usernames on/off.
  • P: In the Battle Zone or in Free Roam, toggles a rear-view mirror. The mirror can be dragged to wherever the user desires.