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In Drift City, clans and guilds are called crews. To start a crew you need to be level 20 and pay 10000 Mito. Each crew is ranked based on the amount of crew points it has. OMD Gold Coins, having more crew members, and simply leveling up all add crew points. If a crew member leaves or is kicked out, that member's contribution to the crew's points is subtracted from the total. When a crew achieves a certain number of crew points, that crew's name is colored differently above a member's name.

  • Rank S: Red crew name. 500000 crew points required.
  • Rank A: Yellow crew name. 100000 crew points required.
  • Rank B: Blue crew name. 20000 crew points required. To participate in a channel battle, a crew must be at this rank or higher.
  • Rank C: White crew name. All crews start out at this rank.