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To play Drift City, you must first have an ijji account and have the game installed. Installation is about 550 megabytes before patches. To start the game, click the Play Live button on the game website. If you are not logged in, you will need to log in; otherwise the ijji Downloader will start and you will begin patching if any patches need to be made. After this is complete, the game will start.

After the intro is finished, you will be asked to choose a server, then to create a character (a new license) and choose a starting car. After you have finished creating a character, you will begin playing.


The game is completely open. There are no rules, no guidelines that you must follow, nor any set story you have to sit through. If you want to drive around the city, no one will stop you. However if you want to gain money and experience, you'll have to do missions to get your reward.

User Interfaces[edit]

The following sections provide information on the various objects seen on screen at different times.


  1. Your vehicle.
  2. The mini map. You can view a full version by pressing M.
  3. Options menus. Press the assigned function key to access it.
  4. The experience bar. This shows what level you currently are and your progression towards the next level.
  5. The message window. Chat messages, screenshot notifications and item gains are all listed here.
  6. The all in one driving diagnostic. This is a combination between your Tachometer, Speedometer, Fuel, and Boost gauges.
  7. In the top right a bar denoting your currently assigned party appears if you join a group.
  8. Your hotkey items. You can assign various consumable items for easy access when driving. Press the assigned key (1 or 2) to use them.
  9. The GPS arrow. This will point you in the direction of the suggested path to your objective.
  10. The radio. You can configure MP3's to be played and switch between them while driving.

Drift City User Interface.jpg


BattleZone Lobby[edit]

Battle Zone[edit]

The Battle Zone is where you get to face off against other players in actual races. When you first head there, you'll be asked if you'd like to view the tutorial. It's not really necessary, and will take some time, so if you'd like you can just reference the following for the same information. However, the tutorial will give you hands-on experience with all of the gate power-ups, so if that is helpful to you, use the tutorial.