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Instant Mission: Complete 2 Races in the Battle Zone[edit]

Required Level
No Requirement
  1. Complete two races in the Battle Zone. Placement doesn't matter.

To increase your driving skill, you need to compete against other drivers in the Battle Zone. Player, complete 2 races in the Battle Zone and, as an incentive, I'll give you money and exp.

Operator Erina

Instant missions are random and vary greatly. Because of this, instant missions are generally not in this walkthrough. This mission is here because it introduces instant missions to the game. Click on the Battle Zone icon at any station to be teleported to the Battle Zone menu. Click on join game (individual or team) at the top to join a currently created room. Play two games and you're done. If you want to go back, hit exit in the top right corner (which will take you to the driver dome) and then drive to one of the exits in the area. Choose any channel and you'll be placed back in Moon Palace. Once you have completed your instant mission, go to Station 1 if you are not there already and click on Missions (or press 1) for your final mission here.

Instant Mission: Officer Heather's Patrol Instant Mission[edit]

Required Level
No Requirement
Experience1 per post, 30 when complete
  1. Patrol all of the areas on the map marked by circled yellow dots.

Oh! Maybe you can help me! I can't patrol all the areas of Moon Palace by myself! If you help me by patrolling some, I'll give you 1 exp. for each area you patrol!

OMD Officer Heather

Patrols are another type of instant mission. These change with each city you're in and are only available if you don't already have an instant mission. They are also only available in the city where you receive your OMD missions. Patrols give a small amount of experience for each patrol area that is passed and a larger amount for completing the patrol. Later patrols even give parts and Liquid Mittron, used to make a Mittron Enhancer. These patrols give parts for every 50 areas patrolled and one Liquid Mittron when the patrol is complete.

As you progress through the game, the rewards from patrols increase faster than other ways to level up. Patrols never give Mito as a reward, but items from later patrols can be sold for a much higher price than you can receive from most ways to make money or experience. Patrols have some of the best experience rewarded as well. In Moon Palace, you will have to patrol 40 areas for a total of 70 experience. In Cras, patrols give a total of 550 experience, 3 high-level parts, and 1 Liquid Mittron Small each for patrolling 160 areas.