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How do I get a Mittron Enhancer?[edit]

A Mittron Enhancer is available the same way as any other part, meaning it can be acquired from combos by being dropped and successful HUV chases. Mittron enhancer comes in four variations: normal, super, hyper, and original. Each level works on the corresponding level parts. When you get a Mittron Enhancer, on your screen, it will say Obtained 1 [Type] Mittron Enhancer, and the narrator will say "Woohoo! Jackpot baby!"

Normal Mittron Enhancer

This enhancer was commonly found from successful HUV chases, particularly those of higher level players. As they only worked on N parts, they were much less valuable than S or H enhancers. After the 2011 GamesCampus Transfer, they were removed from the game.

Super Mittron Enhancer

There is only one way to obtain the Super Mittron Enhancer, and that is to obtain it by earning enough tokens from daily missions, then purchasing them from Mission Girl. Two other ways used to be by successfully completing an Undercity Match or by winning a round of Virtual HUV, which awarded you 3 Super Enhancers, but this was replaced by original Mittron Enhancers after the transfer.

Hyper Mittron Enhancer

The only way to receive a Hyper Mittron Enhancer is also through daily tokens being exchanged via Mission Girl. Originally, you could also acquire them from being the top player in Undercity, but this was also replaced by original Mittron Enhancers after the transfer.

Original Mittron Enhancer

The original Mittron Enhancer was the first type ever developed in Drift City, and can be used on all parts, regardless of type. They were commonly replaced by normal, super, and hyper Mittron Enhancers early in the game's first stages, but returned as a primary after the 2011 Transfer. There are many ways to receive a Mittron Enhancer, from Real Match F1 racing to success in Undercity to random drops. They can also be created by combining 10 Liquid Mittron (1ml.) or two Liquid Mittron (5ml.).

What does a Mittron Enhancer do?[edit]

A Mittron Enhancer can be used to modify an existing part into a more powerful version of itself. When you have obtained your Mittron Enhancer, go to the Parts Shop in the Driver Dome. Click on the tab that says "Modify." Select the part you would like to enhance. Put the part you would like to enhance on the left square, and the Mittron Enhancer on the right square. Click the Modify button. This will automatically deduct the modification fee shown at the top. Assuming you succeed, your part will be upgraded by 1 to 3 points and the name will change from X to X+y, X being the name of the part and y being the number of times it was enhanced (e.g. Shinoya Beta Booster+12). Although there is no hard-coded limit of the number of times this can be done to a part, the success rate is reduced after each prior successful modification.

Modification can fail however. The failure rate increases as a part is successfully modified, so after about 4 successful modifications, you will fail more often than succeed. That doesn't mean the item will be destroyed and unequippable, it just means that the process did not work and the item did not undergo any changes.

As of the Stage 2 update, parts can sometimes break if an enhancement fails. If a part breaks, it becomes unusable, but it can be sold on the Auction House or to the Parts Shop. Broken parts are uncommon below 7 enhances and become very common after 10 successful enhances. Broken parts can be fixed by using the appropriate level Repair Kit from the Parts Shop. Using a Repair Kit will remove all enhancements from the part however. Restoration Kits are available through the Drift Shop that can be used to repair parts and keep all previous enhancements up to +12.

You can also use a Mittron Enhancer to make Hyper Parts. When you "modify" a Crude Part, it becomes a hyper part. Hyper parts range from level 60 to level 80 and have special characteristics that differentiate them from other parts.