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Real Match Battle (RMB) is a regular Battle Zone event which represents a fair competition where driving technique is the major component in the outcome of the race. In Real Match races, all participants race in identical V9 Duels, equipped with a random set of parts and Drift Items.

Differences with Normal Races[edit]

In ordinary races, the attributes of a player's car and parts have a very significant effect on the outcome of a race. A driver with more points (for example, a high-leveled player driving a V8/9 vehicle) will generally almost always win against a driver with fewer points (a low-level player in a V1/2), due to the added stats of a higher V-class vehicle, more points from higher-level parts and more stats for simply being a high-level player.

In real match battle, the participants are provided with identical vehicles (save for distinguishing paint jobs) with the same number of stats, meaning no player is significantly advantaged or disadvantaged from the start of the race. The only difference is the starting position of your car. Thus, participants must rely on their experience and ability to drive in order to affect the outcome. In a nutshell, it can be said that Real Match Battle is a more skill-oriented form of racing, where one's ability to drive is what matters, rather than the car one is driving.

Starting Real Match Battle[edit]

The Real Match Arena appears as another tab beneath the Free Arena in the Battle Zone lobby. The arena is open only at certain times of the day, otherwise it appears greyed out and is unclickable.

Real Match windows last 50 minutes at a time and are preceded by a global announcement 5 minutes and again 2 minutes before the window opens. During the window, users are able to enter the Real Match Arena and create and participate in Real Match races. Other than this, the rooms behave exactly like the Battle Zone; users can opt to start an individual or team battle room, set racing conditions (such as requiring a password to enter, permitting spectators or disabling the gate effect) and can optionally set betting rules on the room, or they can choose to enter or spectate already existing rooms.


If you start on the right of the road's dividing line in a large race, do not rush over to the left so you can start accumulating combos. Everyone else will do this and it can get very crowded. Since you had to travel farther, you will be bumping into cars in front of you.


RMB awards 150% more mito than normal races, proportional to the V-Class of the vehicle you take to Real Match (since racing in Real Match consumes the fuel of the car you are currently driving outside of RMB). However, the compromise is that no experience points or items drop during the race. The mito drop amount can be combined with the effect of Golden Time to increase the mito yield.

In addition, a coupon to purchase the Duel (although it will be a V7) is awarded for finishing in the top 30% of racers in 100 matches. The table below outlines what positions will count towards the coupon based on the number of players.

Total Participants Coupon Position(s)
<4 No coupon given
4 - 6 1st only
7 - 9 Top 2
10 - 14 Top 3
>14 Top 4