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Rush Time is a game mode that allows many players to work together to arrest a massive HUV, called a Boss HUV (BHUV). Unlike a normal HUV chase, which only allows up to four players to work together, Rush Time allows (theoretically) every player in the same gate and city to combine their efforts. Rush Time offers many valuable items to participants, as well as three Mittron Enhancers and a sum of mito to whoever scores the killing blow. Prior to version 0.14f (US Drift City), Rush Time was a periodic event which occurred approximately 3 times every 24 hours on a weekly schedule, however, as of v0.14f, Rush Time now is available all the time, and begins whenever at least 7 players enter the Rush Time Zone in any single city and gate.

Starting Rush Time[edit]

There are no specific requirements or prerequisites to start chasing BHUVs. To begin, the user only has to make their way to the Rush Time Zone, which is in every city and gate, and marked by a pink circle and R on the minimap. The actual zone appears as a large circular region, whose bounds feature the words "Rush Time" in large white letters rotating around the zone. Its precise location can be seen from afar due to "Rush Time" appearing in large letters in the sky above the zone.

Once in, the user must wait until the previous Rush Time is finished, then until at least 9 other players enter the zone. Once this has occurred, a one minute countdown is triggered (at which point the user is shown the Boss HUV he/she will be chasing (see below)), then the Rush Time starts, and the BHUV will appear some distance away from the Rush Time Zone (choosing randomly from a set of arbitrary locations).

Boss HUVs[edit]

During Rush Time, players must "arrest" one of five Boss HUVs that may appear by ramming the HUV until its HP depletes (similarly to standard HUV chases). Players must arrest the HUV before 10 minutes pass or the HUV will escape and no one will be awarded the three Mittron Enhancers. Each Boss HUV behaves differently, and to save time arresting the HUV, learning how each one acts is essential. All Boss HUVs periodically emit a shockwave to toss nearby players into the air, and each type of BHUV has a unique strategy to impede players from damaging it.

Doom Dozer[edit]

This Boss HUV initially appears as a large yellow excavator with a bulldozer attachment in the front. After some time, the Doom Dozer will release mini-dozers, which need to be destroyed in addition to the parent in order to complete the Rush Time.

Be aware that the mini-dozers can emit their shockwaves out-of-sync with the main dozer, making it harder to land hits on any of the dozers.


This Boss HUV is a six-wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) with what appears to be a tie-fighter (from Star Wars) attached to the rear. Do not be fooled though, as it is in fact a weapon which emits a wide green beam that throws players in the air.

The 1337-APC lives up to its name and is generally considered the most difficult of all Boss HUVs. It appears to have the most HP, and along with its mounted weapon and the ability to create a vision-impairing smokescreen, it is the most difficult to damage. A strong Rush Time group is needed to destroy the 1337-APC.

Mad Mixer[edit]

This Boss HUV is a large mixer that drops long puddles of asphalt on the road, slowing players down should they drive through it. The puddles are easily circumvented on wider roads, but are almost unavoidable in narrow streets.

Optimum Grime[edit]

This Boss HUV is a large 18-wheeler. It appears in the company of about 5 "decoy" HUVs to distract players. After a certain amount of health is depleted, a small, agile HUV, known as "Lil' Grimer", will detach from Optimum Grime, and will be involved in the chase. Players must destroy Lil' Grimer, and all the decoys to win the Rush Time.

Death Dumper[edit]

The Death Dumper is a massive dump truck (similar to the trucks used in open-cut mining) with a side-oriented traffic light on the rear. The Dumper periodically drops boxes, water bottles or gas cylinders to slow players down.

The traffic light behind Death Dumper is a signal as to when it will dump obstacles on the road. When the light turns red or yellow, stay to the side of the road and watch out for boxes, barrels, and other players that don't know what to look out for.


Each hit on the Boss HUV results in an item drop. Rush Time tends to drop more parts than any other game mode, and BHUVs dropping level 70+ parts are not uncommon. In addition, the player who is the last to hit the Boss before it gets destroyed receives 3 Mittron Enhancers and varying sums of mito. The type of enhancer dropped (N, S or H) and the quantity of mito depends on the city. The new "10-man" Rush Times have a significantly lower mito yield than the periodic "Super" Rush Times, which will yield between 30 and 100 thousand mito. Rush Time victories are a prerequisite to some of the HUV Hunter Licenses.

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