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This page is for logging changes to the US version of Drift City. When a new version is announced, place a new heading above the first one with the version number, then place a summarised overview of the changes. Do not directly copy/paste text from the announcement(s)!


  • New car: MP3p (Peugeot 307)
  • New Paints
    • Glossy Dark Grey
    • Glossy Dark Teal added
  • New decals
    • Basic Two-Line
    • Super Lightning
  • Other new items
    • Nickname Change (Costs 198 G-Coin, and must wait 60 days after use before it can be used again.)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed loophole in All chat channel by which typing "/all" or "!" before a message bypassed chat flood filters.


  • New vehicles
    • Myth V7 (based on a Saab 9-5 Aero)
    • Natura (V class variable) (Porsche Carerra GT)
  • New Items
    • Mk II Aero kits for Advance, Laputa, Ensony, OMD SS, Eric, Dreamer, Fondo, Tokio, Invention, Maxi, Above, Spirit, Viper, URe3, Gigas, Tyrant, Duel
    • Aero kits for Titan, Myth and Natura
    • Standard Denim Blue and Carmine paints (to match their glossy counterparts)
    • Volk Rims
    • Union Wing
  • New Features

The card has three slots, each awarding a possible prize. Slot 3 is the only slot that doesn't award something 100% of the time. Slot 1 can award one of the following:

  1. Super Restoration Kit
  2. Hyper Restoration Kit
  3. Mittron Enhancer Booster
  4. Auto Quick-Slot (7 Days)
  5. Item Drink (3 Days)
  6. Mittron Fuel Booster (7 Days)
  7. Auto Fill-Up (7 Days)
  8. Sticker Glue (3 Days)
  9. Turbo man (7 Days)

Slot 2 gives:

  1. 10,000 Mito
  2. 20,000 Mito
  3. 50,000 Mito
  4. 100,000 Mito
  5. 200,000 Mito
  6. 500,000 Mito
  7. 1,000,000 Mito

And slot 3, when it awards a prize will give:

  1. V1 Natura
  2. V2 Natura
  3. V3 Natura
  4. V4 Natura
  5. V5 Natura
  6. V6 Natura
  7. V7 Natura
  8. V8 Natura
    • Reinstatement of custom Crew Marks (feature was disabled at Closed Beta)
    • Undercity available in Koinonia
    • Email-like user-to-user mail system
    • Wager Battle (A battle zone mod to allow rooms in which users can bet on their performance)
    • Gifting of Drift Shop items.
    • Rear-vision mirror (Toggled by pressing B. Position adjustable on-screen to user's desire)
  • Feature Improvements
    • Improvements to Walkie-Talkie - Merged with Crew manager and new mail system to form the "Drift City Communication Center"
    • Redesigned Esc menu - Help menu and options are included in this menu
    • New graphics shader which produces smoother motion rendering and more dramatic vehicle lighting effects.
    • "Hacking Preventions" - Unknown what this really means.
    • Modification of how speed and acceleration affect booster performance
    • Glossy paints are able to be removed when auctioning a vehicle
    • Rush Time system changed; Active all the time, starts whenever 10 or more people enter the Rush Time Zone.
    • Support for GamePads
    • Instated Real Match Battle schedule
    • Fixed bug with hidden Semi-channels 4 and 5


  • New cars: Dodge Caliber, Chrysler Crossfire
  • New feature: Semi-Channel Battles. This game mode is like normal Channel Battles, but for lower-leveled teams. Three semi-channels have been added for this purpose.
  • New Drift Shop items: Beige and Electric Orange paints, Moti wheels (mito, +3 speed, +1 accel), Mittron Fuel Booster (50% off fuel costs at station)
  • Minor changes to server select screen
  • Draw distance option in the F7 menu now has 8 levels instead of 4. Draw distance with the best option effectively doubles the draw distance radius.
  • Changes to F3 window in preparation for battle items. Battle items have been announced to be part of the next update.

v0.11j (Stage 2)[edit]


  • Add: Rush Time
  • Add: Crew Leader Change
  • Add: Filling Station in Crew Center under "Enter Channel Battle."
  • Change: Field Unification. Channel Select is now Gate Select.
  • Change: Channel owners now get a cut of all fuel costs on both gates depending on whether the channel is major or minor and how many times the owner has captured the channel consecutively.
  • Change: Part modification level is now visible without mousing over
  • Change: Fuel station appearance revamped
  • Change: Pressing Enter while sending a blank whisper removes the whisper recipient from the chat window instead of remaining. Pressing Enter again returns keyboard focus to the game controls.
  • Change: Key bind for hiding the chat window is now ` (grave accent) instead of F9.
  • Drift Shop items rearranged
  • Several compatibility fixes for running at nonstandard resolution
  • Bug fixes?
  • Removed ability to purchase Infinity Wing with mito. Infinity Wing is now a G coin item in the Drift Shop.