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Virtual HUV (VHUV), implemented in the US version of Drift City as of v0.13d, is a multiplayer game mode that puts a twist on traditional HUV chases and allows users to take the role of a HUV and avoid other players who are attempting to hit him/her. Virtual HUV must be performed in either groups of 8 or 16 players; the mechanics differ slightly for depending on the quantity of players involved.

Getting started[edit]

Drift City Tatiana Call Unit.png

Before a player can begin to play virtual HUV, he/she must purchase a Tatiana Call Unit (pictured at right) from the Parts Shop for 1000 mito. This is a one-off payment; the Call Unit does not expire or get consumed.

Once the unit has been purchased, the user simply needs to go to the free-roam world and PC Mouse Right Click.png right click the call unit. He/she is then asked whether they wish to join an 4 vs 4 or 8 vs 8 competition and is shown the number of users already waiting for each type of VHUV. Once the user is registered, they only need to wait until there are a sufficient number of players to begin. The current status is shown under its own tab in the user's instant mission bar and a notification is shown in the user's chat box every time the number of people waiting for VHUV changes.

Party VHUV registration[edit]

VHUV registration changes slightly when the user is in a party. When one party member registers for VHUV, an Undercity-style prompt is sent to all other party members asking if they wish to participate. If all members accept, the entire party is registered for VHUV.

While registered for VHUV, the party cannot accept new members, and when VHUV starts, the members of the party are guaranteed to be on the same team.

Playing Virtual HUV[edit]

When VHUV begins, players are separated onto blue and red teams. Team members may communicate with their team via party chat. If a user was in a party before beginning, the scope of party chat is upgraded to include the entire team for the duration of the VHUV match. The performance of all players' cars are equalised for fairness.

There are three roles in VHUV, which the user will cycle through. The roles are:


Depending on the number of participants, one or two players from both teams are transformed into HUVs. The type of HUV varies on the city, and the aim of the player(s) as the HUV is to evade the other team. The HUV's HP decreases over time and with hits from opposition players, however it can be partially restored by colliding with traffic. While playing as the HUV, boost cannot be obtained by performing skill combos, rather the user gains a full booster whenever they are hit (as with traditional computer-controlled HUVs). In addition, HUVs cannot damage other HUVs; hence a player who is the HUV cannot damage the opponent's HUV(s).

Next HUV[edit]

When the current HUV is "destroyed", the role of HUV moves to the person nominated as "Next HUV". Before that event, the role of the "Next HUV" is to try to stay as close as possible to the current HUV. He/she is shown his/her distance away from the current HUV, and whenever the "Next HUV" strays more than 1500 metres away from the current HUV, the opposing team gains points every 10 seconds, and the HP of the current HUV drains faster. When the "Next HUV" becomes the HUV, another player on the team becomes the "Next HUV"


The role of the chasers is simple; "destroy" the opponent's HUV(s)! Traditional HUV chasing techniques should be applied, although chasers must remember that since the HUV is human controlled, it may be harder to hit.


Points are awarded to each team for damaging the opposing team's HUV(s), and from any penalties that arise. At the end of the time limit, the team with the most points wins the VHUV round.


Drift City Undercity120.png
Drift City HUV Call Unit.png

Winners of VHUV are rewarded with Mittron Enhancers, an item which increases gained mito and exp from Undercity by 20% (pictured right, top) and if the user is a member of Team ROO, they also gain ten HUV Call Units (pictured right, bottom) which allows ROO members to take HUV calls a limited number of times.

Rewards vary slightly depending on which city they are performed in. Moon Palace has the lowest rewards, while Oros has the highest.[1]

Finally, as a reward for winning 10 rounds of 16-player (8 vs 8) VHUV matches, users are rewarded with the coupon to purchase the FondoX V5.


  1. Proof of city-based rewards (see section 09)