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The Bank Job[edit]

Position of the car (after pickup) and lockup.

Your first mission is to drive your car to the north to collect your friends at the bank. You will have one minute to do so, and the easiest route is to take the double-road just to the right, and make the left turn when you reach the bank.

After collecting the men, your felony meter will increase enough to attract attention of the cops. While there is no time limit, cop cars will begin to attack when they see you. Drive to the right island, and on its western coast, proceed to the lockup.

Hide the Evidence[edit]

The second mission requires you to drive a hot car to the breakers. You will start this mission with a felony meter, and will need to avoid the cop cars that attack.

Boat Chase[edit]

The destination of the boat

In this mission, you need to follow a boat with your car. In addition to a small time limit, you also need to keep close enough to the boat.

From the starting location, quickly drive left, then north until you reach the first bridge. Turn right; you should see the boat move under the bridge just as you start crossing it.

When you reach the island, make a southern detour around the buildings before making the north turn to the dock.