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As with previous Driver games, Parallel Lines contains hidden cheat codes, which can be unlocked by entering the following codes into the cheat menu:

Note: All codes can be turned on and off except All cars and All guns.

Effect Code
Invincibility IRONMAN
Unlimited ammunition GUNBELT
All cars CARSHOW
All guns from era GUNRANGE
Zero cost TOOLEDUP
Indestructible cars ROLLBAR
Unlimited nitro ZOOMZOOM
Weakened cops KEYSTONE


During gameplay you will notice that there is an odometer below your speedometer, this will always stay the same when outside a vehicle, and will not reset when you enter a new vehicle. When your odometer reaches a certain amount, a 'cheat' is then unlocked under the cheat menu, which can be enabled and disabled at will. The odometer readings needed and their effects are listed below.

666 miles: Body Snatcher - This allows you to take the visual form of almost any character. All you have to do is melee attack a pedestrian, and you will take on their form.

NOTE: It is recommended that you do not save your game with this cheat active, this includes auto-saving

700 miles: Night Night - Once enabled, it will become immediately night, and will remain as such for as long as the code is active

800 miles: Shortest day - This speeds up the game time, to which one game day is only 24 seconds real-time

900 miles: Far Out - Once enabled, motion blur skyrockets, making it very difficult to drive, when the code is disabled, the effect ceases


Other cheats can be unlocked by collecting star-shaped tokens. Token positions change from 1978 and 2006, and you need to collect them again to get the desired effects for each era.


  • 10 tokens- 50% increase health increase to 150 health max.
  • 20 tokens- Double nitro
  • 30 tokens- Double ammo capacity
  • 40 tokens- Double car strength
  • 50 tokens- Free vehicle upgrades
  • All tokens- Hot Rod