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Floor 1[edit]

Druid map Floor1.png
  • You begin in the upper left corner of the map. The staircase to the second floor is in the lower left corner, but a river divides the north and south half of the stage. While it's tempting to look for a safe place to cross the river, you will miss out on valuable treasure chests, and the health restoring pentagram. Instead, travel to the right and look for the bridge that crosses the river.
  • The treasure chest closest to your starting location is the only chest that contains a Key on the entire floor. It is vital that you collect the Key from this chest, or you will be unable to open the door that locks you out of Floor 2. If you arrive at Floor 2 without a key, you will be unable to proceed, and will be forced to start over.
  • For the most part, ghosts will attack you on the north half, and beetles will attack you on the south half. Ghosts are weakest to both water and fire, while beetles are weakest to fire. Use water until you begin to encounter beetles, and then switch to fire.
  • After you cross the bridge, there is a pentagram only a short distance to the south. Be sure to visit it as soon as you cross, or whenever you're in great need of health. Then begin to make your way back to the left along the southern portion of the stage in order to find the staircase that leads to Floor 2.
  • In the FDS version, you can obtain an Endurance item from the right chest along the top border.

Floor 2[edit]

Druid map Floor2.png
  • Floor 2 is divided into two sections. The portion of the floor in the upper left corner looks connected to the rest, but the path that connects it to the top portion of the right is actually blocked off. The upper left section is best visited for keys. You can obtain a key from the chest below the pentagram. Then open the left door to the chamber with three chests, and obtain two more keys.
  • Ghosts and slimes are your primary enemies on this floor, both of which are weak to fire. Be sure to keep your fire magic well stocked throughout this floor.
  • Once you're done in the upper left section, you need to cross to the right via the path along the bottom. That path with split. The bottom path leads to a dead-end, but there are six treasure chests for you to examine, four of which are locked behind a pair of doors, so be sure to collect Keys.
  • The upper path leads to the staircase to Floor 3. You must wind your way back and forth until you reach the upper right corner of the floor, and then proceed to the left until you reach a locked door. Use a key to open the door, and walk around to reach the stairs. Be sure to visit the Pentagram that's located right by the stairs before you visit Floor 3.
  • In the FDS version, avoid the two Startle items found in the chamber with three chests unless you purposely want to increase the number of enemies which appear in an effort to increase your rating. You'll find another Endurance item in the left of the four chest set, but avoid the Tumbler item in the right chest. There is a Sure item in the last chest before the staircase to Floor 3.

Floor 3[edit]

Druid map Floor3.png
  • Floor 3 starts out with a series of small puddles that can harm the druid if he steps on them. Do your best to walk diagonally from one safe location to another until you reach either of the pentagrams located below the water. The floor is divided in half between the left and the right. The stairs to Floor 4 are on the right, so only visit the left if you wish to examine the four treasure chests it contains.
  • You will mostly face Slimes and Skeletons on this floor, and in some of the other versions, Ralacks. Slimes are weak to fire, while Skeletons and Ralacks are both weak to water. You will need to get used to changing your attack magic on the fly starting with this floor, as it becomes an important skill as you continue to progress.
  • After you explore the left side of the floor, you must proceed to the right. It will take four Keys to reach the stairs so make sure that you stock up on them, or collect them from the left side if you don't have enough. There is a detour along the right corridor to the top of the floor that contains three treasure chests.
  • If you are playing the FDS version, you will actually face the first demon prince skull here, located to the right of the stairs. It's out in the open so it won't be difficult to approach. Put your special magic selection on Chaos, walk up to it until you are touching it, and cast the spell. You should be able to destroy it before it can do significant damage to you.
  • There are also a large number of items found on this floor in the FDS version. There is a Double item in the chest above and to the left of the stairs from Floor 2. The chest in the upper left corner offers you a choice between Endurance-G, Startle, and Harden. Take the Endurance-G item. There is also an Endurance item in the center chest of the left section. Avoid the Tumber in the first chest beyond the right pentagram. The chest directly above that has Startle and Drunk, neither of which should be collected. The chest above that contains the Heaven item which will damage you whenever you fire, and occupies the seventh unique item position (so it will replace Double if you have it.) The chest to the right contains the Charger item.

Floor 4[edit]

Druid map Floor4.png
  • Unlike most floors, Floor 4 contains not one, but five staircases to Floor 5. In order to proceed to Floor 6, you need to find the stairs that put you on the right path. All other staircases will lead to closed off sections of Floor 5 which are only useful for the treasure chests they contain. This floor also introduces you to large damaging floor tiles.
  • Ralacks appear quite frequently on this floor, as do Devils. Ralacks are weak to water, but Devils are weak to lightning. Devils are a slightly greater threat, and Ralacks can be destroyed with two bolts of lightning, so it may be best to stick to Lightning for this floor. In the FDS version the only enemies you face, Ralacks and Skeletons, are both weak to water.
  • The only pentagram on this floor is located on the opposite side of the floor from the stairs that lead back to Floor 3. Damage tiles surround the pentagram, and there are two stairs down to Floor 5. The right one places the druid on a pool of water which will cause him a great deal of damage, so avoid those stairs and take the left one if you wish to explore the area.
  • The stairs which put you on the path to Floor 6 are located on the right side of Floor 4. You must travel down to the bottom of the floor, near the pentagram, then along the bottom and right borders of the floor until you're near the top again. Open the door that leads to the chamber in the middle, examine the two chests inside, and take the stairs.
  • In the FDS version, the treasure chest located in the very center of the floor contains Triple, Sure, and Drunk. Assuming you already have Sure, take Triple. The chest up and to the left of that contains Spirit. If you are at six items, you'll need to replace something, so make sure you only replace duplicate items. The upper left chest contains Charger or Startle. The chest below that contains Tumbler. The lower of the two right chests contains Endurance.