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Floor 5[edit]

Druid map Floor5.png
  • This floor is the most divided of all the floors in the tower. It is actually broken up into four distinct areas, only one of which is not a dead-end. Naturally, each area has a set of stairs that leads back up to Floor 4. The only area which will allow the player to advance is the right-most section, which presents the player with a demon prince skull next to the stairs that lead to Floor 6.
  • Throughout this floor, you will primarily encounter Wraiths and Skeletons. Wraiths are powerful enemies who are weakest to both Fire and Lightning, but even against these elements, you must hit them twice. In the FDS version, you will only encounter Ralacks and Snakes.
  • There are two pentagrams on this floor. One is located in the closed off section along the center of the floor, and the other is contained in the right section. Use the one in the right to ensure that you are at full strength before confronting the demon prince skull.
  • When you feel you're ready, make your way to the corridor along the right side of the floor. It's a good idea to summon a Golem who can walk ahead of you and absorb as much of the skulls flames as possible before you reach it. In most versions, there are damage tiles on the floor as well, so do your best to avoid them. You may be safest walking along the far right side of the hallway. When you get close enough, run up to touch the skull and cast Chaos. In addition to destroying him, some versions will restore the druid's health as well.
  • In the FDS version, the chest in the bottom-left corner contains Sure and Startle. The right most chest in the set of three contains Charger, as does the chest above and to the right of the large pond. The chest to the right of the pond has Haze and Startle. The chest in the upper-left corner contains Triple and Tumbler. The chest to the right of that contains Virtue, the only instance of this item in the entire game. The right-most chest along the top border contains Tumbler and Drunk, while the chest below these three contains Startle and Harden. The chest below the top-most staircase contains Spirit, Startle, and Tumbler. The right-most chest along the bottom contains Spirit, Endurance-G, and Drunk.

Floor 6[edit]

Druid map Floor6.png
  • To traverse this floor, you must walk down the right side of the floor, all the way to the left along the bottom, and up the left side to reach the stairs to Floor 7. However, once you make it up the left side, you will want to detour back to the right to take out another skull (not present on the FDS version).
  • This floor doesn't contain a lot of treasure chests, and some of them are single chests locked behind a door. You will have to decide if it's worth using a key to find out what they contain. If you're low on keys, it's best to ignore them and continue moving on to the opposite side of the floor.
  • This floor will start to throw a wider variety of enemies at you which will require you to switch magic more frequently if you intend to remain efficient with your magic use. At this point, you should try to maintain a Golem as a bodyguard throughout the remainder of the tower. In the FDS version, you will face Ralacks and Ghosts, both easily dispatched with Water.
  • Once you reach the stairs to Floro 7, head along the top to the right to reach the demon prince skull. Prepare a Golem that can run ahead of you and take the flames. This skull is locked behind a door, so be prepared to take some damage when you open it, and then send the Golem in ahead of you. Touch it and cast Chaos to defeat it, then return to the stairs and visit Floor 7.
  • In the FDS version, the chest to the left of the stairs from Floor 5 has Sure and Startle. The chest below those stairs contains DoubleRob and Startle. Below that chest, you will find Spirits, Harden, and Drunk, and in the chest below that, you will find Charger. The lone chest behind the door along the bottom contains Sure. The first chest on the way to the stairs to Floor 7 contains Spirits, and the chest below that contains Charger, Startle, and Drunk. The chest below the pentagram contains Endurance-G.

Floor 7[edit]

Druid map Floor7.png
  • Floor 7 is primarily divided into two parts. The upper portion is the largest and contains the demon prince skull of the floor. The lower portion is only accessible through a narrow corridor along the left, and contains a pentagram along with the stairs to Floor 8.
  • Once again, it's a good idea to keep a Golem around for protection. Let it do most of the fighting for you. Even if you set the Golem to Follow, you can walk forward, and simply double back behind the Golem for protection whenever you need it. In the FDS version, you'll face Slimes and Devils. Devils are weak to Lightning, but in this version, they don't fly straight at you, so you can largely ignore them.
  • Assuming you choose to take out the skull first, you'll have to head to the right from the entrance, and you'll actually pass above the skull on your way to fight it. Then walk back down and follow the exterior of the skull's room around to the left until you reach the door that blocks the entrance to the room. Open it, send a Golem in, and take the skull out with Chaos. (The FDS version adds an additional pentagram to the right of the skull so you can heal up before you attack.)
  • Once you've done this, you can largely ignore the rest of the upper portion. It's rather wide open and only contains two other chests. Instead, head back to the stairs to Floor 6, and walk down along the left side until you reach the bottom section. Then head right until you can go up again. Watch out for the damage tiles, and unlock the door. To the left is a pentagram, and to the right is the stairs to Floor 8.
  • In the FDS version, the chest to the right of the stairs contains Drunk. The chest to the right of the top pentagram contains Startle. The chest immediately to the left of the skull contains Tumbler, while the chest to the right contains Startle and Drunk. The chest in the lower left corner contains Drunk, and the chest to the right contains Spirits and Startle. The chest to the left of the lower pentagram contains Endurance-G and the chest to the right of the stairs to Floor 8 has Sure, Harden, and Drunk.

Floor 8[edit]

Druid map Floor8.png
  • Like some previous floors, this floor is divided into two distinct sections, a north and a south. The north section is divided again by a river that cuts through the middle of the floor. You only need to explore the south section if you wish to collect more magic. If you feel you have enough to finish the game, ignore the south, and focus on the north.
  • This floor will throw every conceivable enemy at you. In addition to using Golems as bodyguards, if you have more than one Chaos in your inventory, it's not a bad idea to use them up in an effort to make your path to the final skull as painless as possible. Any extra Invisibilities should be used up as well. In the FDS version, you will face Ralacks and Devils.
  • Once you venture to the north, you will be on the southern bank of the river. Walk to the left and open the three chests along the way. Then make your way to the bridge. Watch out for the damage tiles that occupy either side of the bridge when you cross. Quickly make your way to the pentagram, which lies up and to the right after you cross the bridge.
  • From the pentagram, you must travel to the right, staying above the river and avoiding the damage tiles that line two paths. Most versions have a narrower path along the top that is safer to travel. Once you pass the tiles, come back down to open the door that leads to the skull. Send a Golem in to absorb the fire, and then touch it and cast Chaos to destroy the final skull. In every version but the FDS, this will signal the end of the game, and you will receive your rating.
  • In the FDS version, the chest below and to the left of the entrance contains Sure. The chest to the left of that contains DoubleRob and Endurance-G. The chest on the bottom far left contains TripleRob and Charger, and the chest next to that has Spirit. The chest in the upper left corner contains Triple and Endurance. The chest in the upper right corner contains Double.

FDS Boss[edit]

Druid FDS Boss1.png

In the FDS Version, after destroying the skull on the eighth floor, a stairway will appear below the skull. After you enter the stairs, you will be asked to flip the disk to side A. The game will load and when it finished, you will be standing in a pitch back room as a face materializes before you. This is the first phase of the boss battle. This face is invulnerable to your attacks. However, it will create four orbs which rotate around a common point. These orbs can be destroyed by your attacks, and you must remove all four to enter the second phase of the fight. While you can shoot at them with your magic, the best approach is to summon a Golem and set his mode to Attack. He will proceed to crash into each orb until they are removed.

Druid FDS Boss2.png

For the second phase, the face will transform and take on a more Medusa-like appearance. It will oscillate around the room, and it will shoot what appears to be entwined snakes at you. You can remove these snakes with any kind of magic, and magic will now do damage to the face as well. You must hit the face with twenty shots of magic, but casting Chaos twice will also destroy the boss. The best strategy to employ in this phase is to use a Golem as a shield. Stand on the far left or right side of the screen, and have the Golem stand in front of you, shielding you from the snakes while you shoot forward. After you hit the boss twenty times, it will explode, and you will receive your rating, and one of the three possible endings.