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  • Arcade-Button-Joystick.png: Use the joystick to direct the druid in any of eight directions.
  • Atari-Switch-Button.png: Press the fire button to cast your currently selected offensive magic.
  • P: Press the P key to cycle through the three available offensive magics; water, fire, and lightning.
  • 1: Press the 1 key when standing next to a door to invoke an unlock spell (requires 1 key).
  • 2: Press the 2 to invoke the spell of invisibility and halt the monsters' movements for a limited period of time (requires 1 invisibility).
  • 3: Press the 3 to summon a Golem who can be put to use and attack for you (requires 1 Golem).
  • 4: Press the 4 to cast the spell of Chaos which destroys all enemies on the screen for a limited period of time (requires 1 skull).
  • A: Press the A key to cycle through the three available Golem commands; wait, follow, and send.
    • A+H: Pressing this combination of keys puts the Golem in manual mode where his movements may be controlled by a second joystick.


  • Neutral dpad: Use the control pad to direct the druid in any of eight directions.
  • A button: Press the A button to cast your currently selected offensive magic.
  • B button: Press the B button to cast your currently selected alternate magic.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to pause the game and alter your current magic selections.
    • A button: While paused, press A to cycle through the three available offensive magics; water, fire, and lightning.
    • B button: While paused, press B to cycle through the four available alternate magics; key, ecnelis, golem, and chaos.
  • Select button: Press the A key to cycle through the three available Golem commands; wait, 2nd player, follow, and attack. In 2nd player mode, the Golem's movement may be controlled by a second control pad.


Druid sprite player.png

Throughout the game, you are in control of Hasrinaxx, a druid who is trying to rid the world of the evil Acamantor and his army of demons. As a druid, you can command the powers of nature and magically summon one of three different elemental attacks. These three elements, water, fire, and lightning, are capable of harming all of your foes, but each foe is weak to a particular type of magic. Your supply of magic is limited, and it behooves you to learn which magic works best on each creature. In addition to the three basic forms of attack magic, the Druid has access to four other types of spells that are rare and should be used sparingly.

Druid sprite golem.png

In order to cast spells, the druid must have the necessary ingredients in his inventory. For each of the three elemental spells, the druid may stock up to 99 of each element in his supply of magic. He will find more ingredients to replenish his supply from treasure chests. However, among the available contents of a chest, only one item may be collected. Once that item has been chosen, the remaining items are instantly destroyed. In addition to collecting elemental supplies, the druid may find one of the more rare ingredients for alternate spells such as a key, a golem's body, or a skull. You must choose which item to take very carefully, as running out of important supplies can spell disaster for the druid.

The druid has a health meter that drains whenever he is attacked by a monster, enters water, or stands on a dangerous surface. In many levels, you can find pentagrams which can restore the druid's health as long as he stands on them. If the druid's health meter is ever completely drained, the game is over, although you will have an opportunity to continue from the location where you fell. As the druid attacks and destroys monsters, he will earn points. The more points the druid has attained by the end of the game, the higher is final ranking will be.


Offensive magic[edit]

Druid magic water.png Druid magic fire.png Druid magic lightning.png

There are three elemental forms of magic that the druid may attack his enemies with. These are water, fire, and lightning. While every enemy will take damage when struck with one of these elements, each creature is more vulnerable to a certain type of magic than the rest. You should learn each enemy's weakness and switch to that type of magic when you encounter them. You may only hold up to 99 units of each element. Even if you open a chest and select a quantity of a spell that would increase your supply beyond 99, you will only be allowed to keep 99.

Alternate magic[edit]

Icon Description
Druid magic key.png The spell to unlock any locked door may be performed as long as the druid possesses a key. As soon as the spell is cast, the key is used up. The druid must stand next to a door in order to use this spell.
Druid magic ecnelis.png This is the spell of invisibility. However it works more like a time stop spell. When cast, all of the enemies will stay in one place for a limited period of time, allowing the druid to walk through an area with less concern about getting attacked. Note: In the Famicom Disk System version of the game, this spell is known as "Ecnelis," or silence spelled backwards.
Druid magic golem.png The Golem spell is a powerful spell that summons an ally to the druid's defense. This hardy creature of stone and clay will walk around and crash into the druid's enemies for him. The Golem has its own health meter which slow drains as it gets attacked, but it is capable of defeated any enemy with a single touch. The Golem can be commanded to wait in one place, follow behind the druid, and attack or send the Golem ahead to crash into enemies. When the Golem's health is drained it returns to the ground. The Golem can follow you from one level to the next.
Druid magic chaos.png The most powerful spell in the druid's arsenal is the spell of Chaos. When cast, it sends powerful disrupting winds throughout the screen, destroying all enemies that are present. This spell is especially important since it is the only form of magic capable of removing the four giant skulls present throughout the tower. The druid must stand next to the skulls when casting Chaos in order to destroy them.