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  • Par time: 1:45
  • 3D Realms best time: 0:53
  • Secrets: 8

You enter the level on a rooftop. Turn around to get the pistol ammo behind the box. Shoot the yellow C-9 tanks in the corner, and drop down the shaft.

At the ground, be sure you landed on the large medkit; if your health is below 90, you didn't land on it. Jump on the box ahead and to the right, and jump to the sloped ledge. Go to the right, to the higher ledge, and pick up the RPG that rises up from under the billboard. (secret) Go back to the sloped ledge, and enter the middle or left window. Use the security monitor, and get the ammo on the bed. On the far wall, open the woman poster to get the steroids. (secret) Move carefully out the windows to your left and drop to another sloped ledge. Follow it to get the atomic health; drop to the street.

Get the pistol ammo from the burning dumpster. Shoot and use the hydrant if you need health. Go to the window to the left of the boarded-up theater entrance; shoot the cracked wall to gain entry from the front.

Follow the street to the end and take the alley on the left, by the hydrant. Open the door at the end, ascend the stairs, and open the door to find the theater floor. Get the armor at the end of the stage, and the pistol ammo behind the door you entered and in the seats. Follow the exits in the back to find the lobby.

Jump over the counter and go through the door to the right to find the shotgun and a security monitor. Exit the room, and the wall at the far end of the counter will open. Go there, and get the atomic health. Press open on the cash register, and an opening will appear near the ceiling out in the lobby, to your right. Walk up to the wall under the right side of the opening and press open, to activate a hidden elevator that will take you to the opening. Get the armor. (secret)

On this wall, go through the double-doors to find the entry foyer that you blasted open earlier. There is pistol ammo and a security monitor in this room. Go back out to the lobby and go through the hallway by the end of the counter. You will be in the restroom. Use the mirror to look for enemies. Get the shotgun ammo from behind the couch, and watch for the enemy in the right toilet stall. Jump up to the platform to the left of the toilet stalls. Get the portable medkit, then follow the vent to the secret room. (secret)

Use the security monitor, and be careful not to harm the woman. Press open on the different-looking wall to open a door to the projector room. Get the red keycard in the back of the room. Jump on the projector to get an atomic health; a wall will open revealing a RPG. (secret) Use the switch next to the window overlooking the theater to start the movie.

Follow the steps to your left to get back to the lobby. The hallway will explode; watch for fire. The broken wall holds a large medkit. Cross the lobby and follow the passage to the left, to the elevator. Jump on the garbage can and press open against the wall corner to open a passageway, revealing pipe bombs and night vision googles. (secret) Ride the elevator. At the top, shoot the C-9 canisters, and step back to avoid the blast (an extinguisher to your right will also blow). This will open a passage down to the theater floor.

Go to the theater floor and blast the crack in the screen. Go backstage to get the jetpack and shotgun ammo. (secret) Use the security monitor if you wish. Go back out to the theater and back up into the previous room. The window at the far end also opens to the alley.

Open the red key door. Go up the ramp, and move toward the far wall. It will explode, revealing a hallway. Follow the hallway to a bridge over the alley. Cross the bridge, turn around, and blast the far edge with the RPG or pipe bombs. It will blow away; jump from the new edge to land on a tiny ledge under the door you came out of. Follow the ledge around the building, out to the street side. Follow it to the end, jump on the tree, and jump toward the building to find a room with a shotgun, RPG, and pipe bombs. (secret)

Walk around the ledge to get back to the bridge. If you can't jump to the bridge, drop to the alley, go up the stairs to the theater floor, go through the hole in the wall, through the red key door, and jump to the remaining piece of bridge. Break the glass and press the level-end button to end the level.