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These are the items in Duke Nukem 3D:


  • 1: Kick (right foot; use ` for a left kick); unlimited use
  • 2: Pistol: Max 200 rounds; will pause to reload every 12 shots
  • 3: Shotgun: Max 50 rounds
  • 4: Chaingun: Max 200 rounds
  • 5: Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG): Max 50 rounds. Explosive; will hurt player if too close.
  • 6: Pipe bomb: Max 50. Detonated after thrown; multiple can be detonated by pressing "6" after throwing each one, which will switch from detonator to another pipe. Lying pipe bombs explode if shot. Explosive; will hurt player if too close.
  • 7: Shrinker/expander: Max 50 per side. To switch between shrinker and expander, press "7" multiple times. Expander appears only in Atomic Edition. Shrinker will shrink enemies; walk up to them to step on them (instant kill). Shrink rays will ricochet off of mirrors and can shrink player. Expander (Atomic Edition only; ammo will only be found in The Birth) causes enemies to explode; player can be hurt if too close.
  • 8: Devastator: Max 99 rounds. Explosive; will hurt player if too close.
  • 9: Laser trip-bomb: Max 10. Attach to walls; activate after a second. Active trip bombs will show a red laser line; anything moving across the line (including player) will trip the bomb. Can be placed at multiple heights on a wall (e.g. jump and place, place, and crouch and place in same spot).
  • 0: Freezer: Max 99 rounds. Will lower target's health until it is 1%; target will then freeze solid, walk up to it to kick, or shoot. Freeze rays will bounce off of any wall and can hurt (or freeze) player.


  • Protective boots (automatic): Protect player from lava or dangerous goo.
  • Portable medkit: Raise health to 100%; amount used is deducted from medkit total (100%), until depleted.
  • Steroids: Cause player to move substantially faster. Once started, will continue to deplete until gone.
  • Holoduke: Creates a virtual Duke that enemies will fire at, instead of the real Duke. Can be turned on and off; will deplete as used.
  • Jetpack: Allows Duke to fly. Can be turned on and off (player will fall if turned off in mid-air). Will deplete as used unless God mode cheat is active.
  • Night vision goggles: Allow better visibility in the dark; highlights enemies. Sometimes reveals hidden messages on dark walls. Can be turned on and off; will deplete as used.
  • Scuba Gear (automatic): Allows player to remain underwater without running out of air.

Pick-up items[edit]

  • Small Medkit: Health +10
  • Large Medkit: Health +30%
  • Atomic Health: Health +50%; will raise health over 100% to a maximum of 200%
  • Armor: Extra damage protection; maximum of 100%. Enemies will sometimes drop "used armor" that provides less of an armor boost.