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  • Par time: 7:20
  • 3D Realms best time: 4:40
  • Secrets: 14

Dive to find three switches. Use the combination on/off/on to open the emergency hatch. Be careful to watch your air; the water will rise, but will stop before the top, leaving an air pocket. Swim to the bottom to get scuba gear from seaweed near the side, then swim into the hole and blast the cracked wall. Follow the tunnel and get an atomic health. Get the pipebombs, then surface. (secret) Blow the cracked wall behind the barrels, and you are outside.

Get back in the water and head for the hole near the waterline. Follow the path to the ledge at the top, where you will get a RPG and the blue keycard. There are alcoves with turrets in them; after blasting the turrets, jump to the alcove on your right, and hit open on the left wall to reveal a passage with ammo. (secret) If you have a jetpack, go to the other alcove and open its back wall for a humorous message.[1] Jump back to the ledge, then to the burning grate on top of the submarine. You will head a door open, (secret) it is in the submarine, though you get secret credit just for opening it. Enter the submarine, surface, and turn to the left to find the new area. Swim out to land and enter the building through the blue key door, on the left side.

As you enter, look for a silver support beam that extends across the ceiling and down both walls. Where it is on the right wall, press open to the left of it, to find a passage to the door entering the "pillbox" window area.[2] (secret) Go back to the hallway and head right. The door ahead of you is locked. Enter the door on your left. Turn around and press the switch to the right of the door to turn the lights on. Go down the ramp and across the floor toward the red door. As you move, a door will open, revealing pig cops. Stand on the yellow area at the end of the floor conveyor belt, and wait for the winch to grab you by the head.

You will be carried to another conveyor, which will drop you at another winch platform. You will be carried again (watch for the mid-air tripbomb) and finally land past the door you came in through. Break the window to your left and enter the room. Press the button next to the door to find the door that opens into the hallway you entered through. On the far wall, open the red panel to find the red key.

Follow the conveyor. You will pass a red-lit alcove on the right. Enter it, move to the left wall (what was straight ahead from the conveyor) and press open to find ammo. (secret) Get back on the conveyor until you come to another window. Break it and enter the room. The monitor will show the floor you were on earlier. Press open on the blue wall panel to open the vertical columns. Enter the right one for an atomic health. (secret) Be quick- there is goo inside. The left column looks empty; get in and jump to find a ledge with two more atomic healths.[3] Go back out to the conveyor.

You will be dumped back at the floor where you started. Go around to the right to the red key lock. Using the key will reveal a shrink ray shooter. Allow yourself to be shrunk, then run through the right passage, and turn right at the junction. Move quickly, before you expand!

You will come out in another room with a shrink ray. Go to the far end of the room and switch the "emergency lock" switch. Let the shrink ray hit you, and go back where you came from. The door in this room is now open. Go through it and get in the water. Travel down the tunnel to find the flooded area. Beware of the green patch floating on the water, coming from the waterfall. This is goo, and it will burn you if you are on the surface. Also watch out for the spiked balls on chains- these explode if shot or touched.

The big door to your right is locked. Swim around the center to another broken window looking out from a room. Enter this room, turn around, and press the button to the right of the window. You will see the water rise. Swim to the surface, and the ledges are now accessible.

Get on the ledge by the green waterfall to find ammo and steroids. Then, go to the other ledge at water level. Follow the land sloping up, and you will see two ledges, pointing to two openings. Jump from the right one to the right opening. It is difficult to see without night vision; you will find ammo and a portable medkit. (secret) Then jump back out into the water, get out at the ledge, and jump from the left point, to the larger ledge with a cracked wall.

Turn to the right, and go through the narrow area to a control room. Push the button on the red column to lower the water back down. Press open on the wall between the red column and the monitors to find ammo and scuba gear. (secret) Then, press the button to the left of the security monitor to open the door underwater.Use the monitor to see that it is open. Go back, and blast the cracked wall. Follow the passage for an atomic health. (secret x 2) Blast the second crack, and you will open a passage back to the sunken submarine area. (secret) Go that way until you get the credit for the secret area, then turn back and jump into the water. Go through the now-open door.

Follow the passage to an open area with closed doors on the right, and a broken window directly ahead. Go through the window; you will find a turn switch to the left and a push button to the right of the window. Turn the turn switch, and find a hallway with a holoduke, leading back to the room where you first raised the water. Push the pushbutton to open the big doors and blast a hole in the far wall. Go into the hole for ammo, the go to the doors.

You must now swim between rotating gears. Watch them carefully- they are missing a tooth, and there is an empty passage every revolution. You must swim through that passage to avoid being crushed. Swim quickly, and you will be in an open area where you can surface. Check the sides for ammo, then follow the river down. Watch for a crack on the right wall- when you wee it, hold the back button to stop moving, and hit it with an explosive weapon. Go into the room you've opened, and into the teleporter.

You will find yourself in a control room with gears. (secret) Follow the flowing water to drop into a wide open area. (You would have also landed here had you ignored the secret area and followed that water. Find the ledge at water level and get out. Follow the path to the control room overlooking the water. Turn the turn switch, and you will see a panel open across the way.

Jump out the window, and swim along the right wall. When you come to water flowing down, swim up against the current, and jump to the ledge on the right side. At the top, you will see a shootable switch in the area you just opened. Step onto the top of the big black wall, and shoot the switch. The wall will move forward, and the one across from it will move toward you. When the meet, step onto the other one, and be carried across to the other side. It is difficult to aim and also make the step; if you have trouble, try using the shotgun to shoot the switch, which makes it more likely to hit the switch in one shot.

At the back of this ledge, enter the control room where goo is flowing. Shoot the fan and use the jetpack to get to the duct. (secret) (You won't be able to jump, as you will have boots on.) You will get two atomic healths. Go back to the goo and follow it. Run forward, don't flow with the current, to save your boots. You will come to an area where you can walk- get the boots from the alcove on the right wall. Follow the goo. Once you get to the area where it lurches in waves, start watching the left wall. One of the lit areas has a cracked wall- blow it. If you miss it, swim upstream (if your boots hold out long enough).

If you don't hit the cracked wall, you will come to the level-end. There is a teleporter to the left; it will take you to the area where you made the water rise. Hit the level-end, and you're done.

If you enter the cracked wall, you will find a control room. (secret) Hit the green level-end to go to the secret level, Launch Facility.


  1. In the N64 version, this area contains more ammo.
  2. N64: It's just to the right of the next pillar.
  3. N64: The right side has ammo, not an atomic health. You'll need a jetpack to reach the left-side atomic healths; you can see them when you jump, but not reach them.