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  • Par time: 5:00
  • 3D Realms best time: 2:26
  • Secrets: 2

You begin in an elevator that opens to a large room with windows. Get the medkit to the left if you need it, then go through the next set of doors. Ahead and to the right is a switch; push it to open a door next to it. Go in for ammo. Back in the main room, and around the other side, to the "Armory" doors. Open them for ammo, then open the panel on the wall to the left of them for pipebombs. Go to the center of the room and open the center door.

Enter this room to open an observation room, then exit to the main room. Go to the right, to the elevator. Get in and activate it. It will drop, and an explosion will destroy the next room. Get out and follow the ramp. There is an atomic health to the left (the others visible through a crack you will get later). Go ahead, get the shotgun, and duck under the door to find the blue keycard. Exit and go left, over the ledge. Get the armor, and go back to the ramp. Follow it up, and jump to the right to the spinning object, to find a tripbomb. Go back to the elevator, and up to the previous room.

Go straight ahead to the next elevator. Open the panel to the right for pipebombs. There are tripbombs at the bottom of the elevator- toss a pipebomb to the left side of the elevator, send it down, wait, then detonate. Bring the elevator back and get on it. At the bottom, the blue key door is to the right and another door is in front. Enter the blue key door.

You will find another elevator. Take it, and exit the doors to find a red hallway. Go to the left. Enter the room at the end to find ammo and a security monitor. Exit and go to the room at the other end of the hallway. Go through the next set of doors to a hallway. At the end is a window and a switch. Flip the switch and watch the car approach.

Get in the car. Flip either switch by the opening to send the car moving. When it stops, get out to find a setup like the previous area. You will find another red hallway; go to the end to find a room with a monitor and ammo. Go back to the center area, where the yellow keycard is visible. Go behind the panel to the right and enter off/on/off to open the keycard holder. (The switch inside closes the doors again.)

Get the key, then turn around and take the elevator. You will come out at the atomic healths seen earlier. Go back and take the car to the first station. Follow this hallway and take the elevator back to the blue key door. Go to the room in front of it and take the door to the right.

Go forward through the unlocked door. To your left is a panel with a button; push the button to raise a map. Jump through and press open on the back wall to find a shrinker. Continue down the hallway. As you round the corner, you will find a mini-boss. (It is a smaller version of the L.A. Meltdown boss, if you've fought that).

The mini-boss shoots mines- do not step on the glowing red spheres it shoots. It also fires with a chaingun. Keep moving and use explosive weapons to take it down.

Once it is killed, find the yellow key slot behind where it spawned. Use it, and the doors to the left of it will unlock. Press open on one to open them. Get the ammo and night vision on the center row and follow the escalator to the top. Open the door to find a circular room. Go straight ahead and open the door to find a devastator.

Go back to the main room. Open the medic door to the left of the door from the escalator for a portable medkit. Go to the left. Press open on the lit-up wall to find steroids. Look up and to the left to see a push switch- this will open an area around the other side. Go toward the escalator doors; move to the far side of the escalator door, by the yellow key switch. Turn, aim, and shoot the switch (a shotgun will help), and run to your left to find an open space on the right wall. Go inside to find a small area. Press open on the end wall to find a room with red stripes on the wall. Press open on a wall, and the room becomes an elevator.

You will come out at the ship's bridge. (secret)[1] Get the chaingun to your left (on the computer panel), then go down to the right to get a RPG. Get the pipebombs in the seat area. Go to the left of the main screen to find doors into the captain's quarters. In here, press open on the computer to open the wall across from you. Go there (the "really ready room"). (secret) Get the devastator and freezethrower, and go back to the bridge. Go right and take the elevator to your right (not the one you entered through).

You will come out in a small passage; flip the switch to open a passage to the first hallway. Jump up to your left for ammo. Follow the hallway to the left to find a ramp. Take out the turret and go up the ramp. Go past the brain-in-a-globe, turn around, and flip the switch behind it to open a window spanning the whole room. Turn around and press open on the map to open it. Go through and rop into the next room.

The center of the room is a half-circle of monitors. Press open on the wall section in the center to find a holoduke. Go to the right to find a security monitor showing a blue room with a forcefield. Flip the switch to turn the forcefield off. Exit through the doors to your right; go left and back down the escalator.

Go right, then left through the opening to a large ramp going down. At the bottom, go to the center and open the door to find the blue room you saw on the monitor. Go through it- fast, as it is electrified. Stand on the edge at the end and wait for the spinning red walls- eventually, the openings will line up to show the center. Go to the center to a round room with a red floor. Press open to make the room drop. Get out, get the medkits around the next room, and press the level-end to end.


  1. Awarded when you walk by the big screen.