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Buildings may only be built in rocky zones and connected to another existing building, and are the same for all houses. To protect them from constant wear, the player must place first concrete slabs in the construction areas. Production buildings can be upgraded at a cost several times, allowing the production of more advanced units or buildings.

The final prize for the commander is the building of the House Palace from where superweapons may be unleashed on opponents in the final closing chapters of the game. The House Harkonnen superweapon is a long-range finger of missiles called the Death Hand, whereas House Atreides may call upon the local Fremen infantry warriors, over which the player has no control, to engage enemy targets. House Ordos may unleash a fast-moving Saboteur whose main purpose is the destruction of buildings.

Support Buildings[edit]

Picture Name Description
Dune II concrete slab.jpg Concrete slab Foundation of other buildings, prevent wear. Buildings not built on this start with some damage. Later in the game, groups of four can be built at a time.
Dune II construction yard.jpg Construction Yard Builds all other buildings.
Dune II spice silos.jpg Spice Silo Adds spice storing capacity to the base.
Dune II starport.jpg Starport Allows the player to buy units delivered from orbit.
Dune II wind trap.jpg Windtrap Wind energy stations that power all other buildings.
Dune II refinery.jpg Refinery Converts Spice from harvesters to credits and stores a limited quantity of spice.
Dune II outpost.jpg Radar Outpost Allows viewing of unit movements in the explored area of the minimap.
Dune II repair facility.jpg Repair Facility Repairs damaged vehicle units.
Dune II IX.jpg House of IX Makes house specific tanks and ornithopters available. Only featured in the MS-DOS and Amiga versions.
Dune II palace.jpg Palace Allows use of the house "superweapons" (Death Hand, Saboteur, Fremen).

Production and training buildings[edit]

Picture Name Description
Dune II barracks.jpg Barracks Trains light infantry.
Dune II WOR.jpg WOR Trains and arms heavy troopers.
Dune II light factory.jpg Light Vehicle Factory Manufactures light vehicles, such as Trikes and Quads. Only in the MS-DOS and Amiga versions.
Dune II heavy factory.jpg Heavy Vehicle Factory Manufactures tanks, rocket launchers and specific house tanks (Devastator, Deviator, Sonic Tank). In the Sega Genesis version this manufactures light and heavy units.
Dune I high-tech factory.jpg High-tech facility Allows production of support non-controllable units, such as carryalls and ornithopters.

Defensive buildings[edit]

Picture Name Description
Dune II walls.jpg Wall A 1x1 wall section that protects buildings.
Dune II turret.jpg Turret An autonomous turret that tracks and fires bullets at incoming enemies.
Dune II rocket turret.jpg Rocket Turret A more effective and long-range version of the turret, with a cannon and accurate rockets.