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The gameplay is very straightforward and easy to learn. It has three modes: Outside Adventure, Outside Combat, and Dungeon. In both Outside modes, you are looking top-down on your characters and have a good view of your immediate surroundings. In the Adventure mode, you are free to explore as you wish and can take as much or as little time as you see fit. In the Battle mode, the system becomes turn-based, and a white box will appear around one of your characters. This box indicates whose turn it is and the characters can now be moved individually. Characters can only move a certain distance and attacks are made using the A and B buttons. Characters can purchase or acquire ranged weaponry which can allow you to engage an enemy first by pressing the weapons attack button while in the Adventure mode. At the end of combat, the characters are awarded experience points and sometimes treasure.

The Dungeon mode is different from the other two modes in that you see through the eyes of the character, also known as a first-person view. Encounters become real-time events in the dungeons, so be aware that if you leave the game while in a dungeon, an enemy my stumble on the party and attack; however, while in Dungeons, the enemies cannot assign attacks to any characters they are not in contact with. This means only the characters at the front of the party can receive damage since most enemies attack from the front.