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Cao Cao[edit]

Cao Cao is the first ruler of Wei. He fights with a broad sword known as "Wrath of Heaven" and dresses in elaborate silk gowns. His attacks are standard slashes.

Cao Pi[edit]

Cao Pi fights with twin swords called "Chaos", which he can attach the ends to form a longer weapon. Cao Pi fights with an aggressive, advancing style, using mainly precise vertical slashes that for the most part provide full coverage around himself. However he swings with a below average attack speed which can allow quick officers a chance to interrupt his combos. During his musou attack he detaches his blades and swings wildly while swathing through enemies in front of him.

Cao Ren[edit]

Cao Ren typically dressed in heavy armor and is short in stature. Cao Ren's weapon called "Roc" is unique; it consists of a shield or Buckler with a double blade implement similar to Cao Pi's but much shorter and with a different blade shape. His fighting style is fairly direct, and is best suited for multiple opponents. His attacks tend to use blunt force in weakening or breaking his enemies defense, then unleashing his actual blade from the buckler to cut down his opponents. His draw backs are a frustrating weakness without higher level weapons and power ups and the inclination of his fighting style towards multiple foes.

Dian Wei[edit]

Dian Wei's fighting style is slow, but powerful. He wields a hand axe called "Mad Bull". He also has limited range and slow speed, making him a poor choice for beginners. However, with his highest level weapon and the right items he is a force to be dealt with

Pang De[edit]

Pang De wears an armor similar to a European Knight. His weapons of choice are dual halberds called "Heavenly Halberds". He's a slow character, but packs serious damage, defense and crowd control. Since he was part of the Xi Liang cavalries alongside Ma Chao, he's also excellent in cavalry fighting.

Sima Yi[edit]

Sima Yi is a strategist, and as such, his clothing consists primarily of lavish robes and gowns. His weapon is a large, black fan known as the "Dark Feather", and his fighting style is much like Zhuge Liang's.

Xiahou Dun[edit]

Xiahou Dun appears is a bearded, ferocious and charismatic officer. He a just and honourable man, although hot-headed and ruthless in his attempts to achieve the ultimate ambitions of his cousin, Cao Cao. He wields a scimitar called the "Kirin Fang".

Xiahou Yuan[edit]

Xiahou Yuan is a stocky, bearded man who is fiercely loyal to his lord and cousin, Cao Cao, and has a strong friendship with his brother, Xiahou Dun. Xiahou Yuan uses a large battle pole called the "Enforcer Rod" Xiahou is almost always clad in heavy armour. His Musou Attack includes a finishing shockwave attack that will heavily damage a number of opponent, giving him a greater advantage in battle.

Xu Huang[edit]

Xu Huang is portrayed as a powerful warrior who is completely loyal to Cao Cao, although at times questions his methods, finding them dishonourable and unjust. He believes firmly in the strength of the warrior and facing one's enemy respectfully and on equal grounds. Xu Huang wields a large battle axe known as the "Marauder", and is easily identifiable by the white turban he wears.

Xu Zhu[edit]

Xu Zhu is the slowest character in the games, but quite strong. His weapons also have good range and unique effects, allowing and even forcing the player to take on new strategies in defeating enemies. Some of his attacks knock down the enemy without sending them flying, leaving them right in front of Xu Zhu. Others knock enemies back much further than average, leaving Xu Zhu alone, which is a defensive asset but an offensive hindrance. His Musou Attack inflicts great damage per hit; but instead of hitting enemies multiple times, it sends them flying far away, and ends with Xu Zhu falling on the ground.

Zhang He[edit]

Zhang He is often cited by fans of the series to be one of its most unusual and memorable characters, although this opinion is strongly split between positive and negative feedback. Zhang He is an effeminate warrior, and uses exaggerated clawed gloves or tiger claws called the "Phoenix Talons" during combat. His fighting style includes much movement and even some acrobatics. His musou attack consists of moving forward while sweeping side to side and slashing his claws, making his musou hard to control for beginners.

Zhang Liao[edit]

Zhang Liao's fighting style, unlike his weapon, is actually more similar to Lü Meng's than Guan Yu's. His pole arm weapon called "Gold Wyvern" gives him high range and good power, both on foot and on horseback. He is an all-around character, without significant strengths or weaknesses.

Zhen Ji[edit]

Zhen Ji wields a golden flute called "Dark Moon Flute", which she uses to strike her enemies with. Zhen Ji is described as a "serene woman with a noble heart." She originally was a wife of one of Yuan Shao's sons. She has a calm, even-tempered demeanor, but is unwavering and merciless. She has a bit of a ruthless personality, perhaps to answer the ruthless personality of Cao Pi.