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Da Qiao[edit]

Da Qiao is the sister of Xiao Qiao and the wife of Sun Ce. Da Qiao fights with two traditional Chinese fans called "Qiao Beauty", which have blades attached to the edges, as opposed to the feather fans used by Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang. She slices at enemies with them, but also flings them at her enemies and then makes them fly back to her. She is light and speedy, but has weaker attack and defense than most other characters. Da Qiao's charge attacks are ideal for one-on-one duels, with the exception of her fifth charge attack and musou. When she uses her Musou Attack, she spins her fans in front of her, finishing by hurling a large ball of fire at her enemies.

Gan Ning[edit]

Gan Ning fights with a scimitar called "Sea Master". He employs swift strikes with his sword, and his charge attacks mostly involve him whirling around and slashing at enemies that have surrounded him. The most memorable part of his moveset is undeniably his Musou Attack, which is one of a kind; he crouches slightly, holding his blade in a backhand position, and rushes forward, plowing through any enemies who get in his way. As the fastest moving musou attack, it is perfect for "hit-and-run" fighting, or even for traveling if you has low enough life that the musou gauge fills automatically, since the run is even faster than riding Red Hare. His Musou Attack is by far the strongest move in the game, yet it is very difficult to control.

Ling Tong[edit]

Ling Tong is an esteemed officer of Wu alongside Gan Ning, and the two eventually form a strong friendship. He serves as a junior strategist. He fights with nunchaku called "Dragon Fury", and his attacks are extremely fast, which compensates for their short range. He has an unimpressive but effective Musou Attack, spinning his weapon around him, and finishing with a weak shock wave.

Huang Gai[edit]

Huang Gai fights with a large rod called "Dark Shadow", fighting simply and predictably, swinging his club around to beat his enemies to death. He has high defense and above average attack power, but very low speed. This, combined with his relatively dull fighting style, gives him the appearance of a simple, plodding fighter, and makes him an unpopular choice despite his average statistics. Huang Gai is the only "bombardier"-type playable, who has the ability to set and throw explosives around the battlefield.

Lu Meng[edit]

Lü Meng fights with a ji (a Chinese halberd) called "White Tiger". He has a fierce, forceful fighting style, relying on the strength and technique of his attacks rather than the motion and speed of his weapon as others do. His fighting style is much like Zhang Liao's, and has a simple but very effective musou, consisting of swipes and stabs with his pike. Lü Meng has high attack and defense and decent running speed, as well as a good moveset. His only weakness is his very low health and Musou ratings, ranking among the lowest in the game.

Lu Xun[edit]

Lu Xun fights with twin swords called "Falcon", using quick, short slashes. His attack speed is very high, and he performs many acrobatic feats in his charge attacks, such as flips, spins, and somersaults. He also has an affinity for fire, using it in several of his charge attacks. His Musou Attack consists of him rapidly swinging his twin blades, and his true musou ends with him leaping into the air and delivering a giant fireball in front of him. Statwise, he excels in Musou and attack, while he falls behind in life and defense.

Sun Ce[edit]

Sun Ce wields a pair of tonfa called "Overlord", one of the most exotic weapons of the game. As a martial artist, he fights with the tonfa, supplemented by kicks and bodycheck-like rushing attacks. Sun Ce has a relatively unorthodox combat style, involving a lot of movement, but his musou attack is generally considered much less stylish.

Sun Jian[edit]

Sun Jian is a charismatic, good-humored man and a loving father with a courage that is not as outspoken as the egos of other characters. His fighting style is much like his son Sun Quan's style. He wields a longsword called "Savage Tiger", like Cao Cao and Liu Bei, and is an all-around warrior with above-average stats. This makes him, like Cao Cao and Liu Bei, both a good choice for beginners and a solid, reliable character for those with more experience.

Sun Quan[edit]

Sun Quan fights with a longsword called "Master Wolf", like his father. His fighting style is that of a basic swordsman. He is very similar to his father, but has slightly lower stats. Unlocking Sun Quan is sometimes difficult, involving triggering many events at He Fei.

SunShang Xiang[edit]

Sun Shang Xiang wields chakrams called "Sol Chakram" in battle. She uses striking and spinning attacks along with kicks, and can throw her weapons a short distance in her Musou Attack and several charge attacks. She is an extremely fast and agile runner, as well as a quick fighter, but lacks attack power and defense. The need to rely on quickness and technique makes her a slow killer.

Taishi Ci[edit]

Taishi Ci fights with two thick, club-like rods called "Tiger Slayer" and wears full body armor. He is remarkably strong, but also a quick striker.

Xiao Qiao[edit]

Xiao Qiao, one of the "Two Qiaos" famous for their beauty, is the wife of Zhou Yu. Her fighting style is much like her sister's, however, she is much more reckless and childish than Da Qiao. Xiao Qiao's fighting style is very similar to her sister's, but not identical. She uses similar weapons (i.e. dual fans called "Qiao Grace") and some of the same attacks, but the difference is enough to make most players prefer one or the other. Her charge attacks have a wider range than Da Qiao's, therefore, it is good for crowd control. However, her fifth charge attack and Musou Attack are ideal for one-on-one duels. Unlike her sister's fighting style, however, in most of Xiao Qiao's charge attacks, she psychically controls her fans, but in her Musou Attack she holds her fans and spins through the air with them.

Zhou Tai[edit]

Zhou Tai fights with a katana, andbecause of his somewhat unique weapon in the series, his fighting style, too, is very different than most of the playable characters. His moves are graceful and swift, resembling a samurai. He is suited for fighting single persons at a time, or when fighting small groups of soldiers (his swings are broad, which combined with the length of his sword gives him a large attack range). His regular attacks deliver swings with air cutting sounds. He swings swiftly, but has to sheath his sword when a combo is finished, leaving him open for a brief time. His Musou Attacks involves swinging his sword from left to right and vice versa repeatedly, standing in one position. If hit correctly, this in turn will give Zhou Tai a massive combo count. However, if the opposing enemy general has his guard up or if there are little or no enemy soldiers within range of the weapon, the musou will be useless. Also, he "poses" after his musou attack but before he sheaths his weapon. When posing, he is still invulnerable, but after, he can be easy prey. His charge attacks are extremely useful when fighting individuals or groups of soldiers. When mounted, he attacks only on one side of the horse; just like Ma Chao (the right side). This is effective and easily controllable. If used properly, Zhou Tai can be a very daunting character to face.

Zhou Yu[edit]

Zhou Yu is an important Wu strategist. A close friend of Sun Ce, he helps him rid his land of attackers. Zhou Yu fights with a long, slightly-curved sword called "Ancients Sword". He is quick and defensively tough, but has below-average attack strength. His moves are simple, but somewhat unique among the games' swordsmen; his strikes are more wispy and swashbuckling than others.