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In this game you must find three pieces of telephone in different wells to beat the game.


The world of E.T. is split into six screens. Each one is loaded with wells. The screens show different parts of the movie. Four of the six screens are full of wells, while the other two are not. The first screen without wells is the forsest, the screen that you start in and you end in. The second is where you end up if you are captured by a sientist.


The game is full of enemies that will try to capture you. The two enemies are Scientists and F.B.I. agents. If captured by a F.B.I. agent, you will lose power and one telephone piece. The other is a scientist. If captured, she will drag you of course. To escape them, you can run away or run into a well. Enemies also keep you from calling the spaceship and boarding it if they are in the same screen.


Wells are in the game. E.T. must jump into a well and find what is in them.


  • Stay away from the enemies at all times.
  • Don't move when you don't have to, this will help store health.
  • Stay away from wells unless you will jump into them.
  • Try to find candy.
  • Flowers are very good.
  • You should call the kid when you find a candy.
  • When you see a ? symbol at the top of the screen, click the buton and it will show you were a peace is hiding.